Most running apps are aimed at beginners and modest starting goals. But many go further: they come to running clubs, find coaches, buy ready-made coaching programs. It would seem, what does the application have to do with it? You can chat in person or exchange information in the messenger. Many people do this, and there is no problem with it.

But with such a “natural” formulation of the case, you do not even know what you are losing. Can you track your progress over the past year based on messages in the messenger (if you do not keep separate records for yourself)? Is it easy for you to ask a question to a coach who lives and works in another country, and now he has a night? If you are a coach yourself, is that number of students enough for you, or would you like to work with more? All this is a matter of technology, more precisely, technology. Let’s take a look at what the popular running and triathlon apps, where both trainers and students work, can give you.

Training Peaks

Effective work with a trainer even from another continent

Popular among triathletes, the program for compiling and planning workouts has a huge number of possibilities. In Training Peaks, the student registers using the link sent by the coach. If you do not have a coach, you can either find one through the program or buy a ready-made training plan.

An important feature for ambitious athletes: the program is designed to bring the athlete to the start. One of the great benefits of Training Peaks is the TSS training load scoring system, which gives you points for every workout; For more than five years, this system has been used to study the fitness of elite athletes. It allows you to analyze your workouts for all sports (cycling, swimming and running) in one common graph.

You do not need to enter workouts yourself: after you register your GPS device in the application, runs and swims appear there automatically. By the way, Training Peaks is compatible with almost all popular brands of sports watches.

There is a free version that the creators recommend during the goal setting phase. But most of the analytics, the ability to plan future and edit past workouts is only in the premium account, which costs about $ 10 per month.

To get the correct analytics, you set up a lot of parameters for yourself: heart rate zones, TAN, power zones for a bike. The application provides mandatory feedback after each workout, regardless of whether you have a trainer or you are engaged in a ready-made plan.

For both the student and the coach, there are fields for comments on training; there you can add information about well-being.

Training Peaks is a remote training app for an aspiring triathlete. It will be especially useful if both the student and the trainer are very busy and do not coincide in time. Or live in different countries and time zones.


sports social network

You probably already know about it and are registered in it: since 2007, when the service was founded, Strava has connected millions of athletes around the world.

The program can be just a training diary for you and your trainer, it is quite informative (especially in the paid version): you see distance, pace, speed, climb and calories burned, heart rate and heart rate zones (if you have a heart rate monitor), power zones, intensity and training load. There is a mile counter for sneakers – you can understand when it’s time to buy a new pair. Paid features are divided into blocks “Training”, “Security” and “Analysis”, the full package now costs around 400 rubles per month. “Safety” includes, for example, the ability to track your route by loved ones.

But the main superpower of Strava is in the features that make it a social network: the ability to subscribe to athletes you are interested in, compare yourself with others, and set goals for mass starts where your friends participate. Strava cultivates friendly competition: the fastest user on a popular route receives the title of King of the Mountain, which must still be able to hold.

Strava has special opportunities for clubs and sports brands: they can create their own communities, host events in them, post news and initiate discussions in them.

Suunto Movescount

The multisport app for everything

Familiar to those who use Suunto watches. There is a Russian version, but it is peculiar: for example, the training is called move, just like that, without translation. What you should know about Movescount from the very beginning: not all athletes love it. Sometimes there are problems with clock synchronization; with them it is better to go to the community of Suunto watch lovers on Facebook, where they will always help with advice.

Among the undeniably strong points is a huge range of activities that can be used to plan and record workouts: running (road, cross-country and treadmill), cycling (road, mountain and indoor), orienteering, crossfit, rowing, sailing, freediving and two dozen other sports, including team sports. In the latter case, the opponent, the result of the game in two halves, the penalty shootout, the weather and personal feelings are recorded in the report.

Another strength of the service is the ability to register in the program as a coach (for this, your profile must be open). Both the trainer and the student can plan training sessions. If you are a student, you can invite your coach to Suunto Movescount.

What workout recording apps do you use?


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