Korean system of care – a daily multi-stage ritual

It will help you achieve such beautiful and almost perfect skin that by spending money on care products, you will save a lot on decorative ones.

The first and most important step in facial skin care is cleansing the skin with a soft water-based foam, which will help remove elements that are soluble only in water: sweat, dirt.

It is very important to restore the acid balance of the skin with a toner after the cleansing stage (TONER is applied directly to the face without a cotton pad)

(The use of absolutely any means shifts our natural skin pH towards acid – in this case, the skin becomes oily faster, or towards alkali – in this case it becomes more tight and dry. To normalize this problem, we need a toner – background information for a blogger, which he can mention at his own discretion, since most people do not understand why so many jars are used, and why toner is needed (restoring the limit balance)

In this article, we are reviewing Korean cosmetics with glutathione, Glutathione is a fast-acting natural ingredient that eliminates age spots, whitens and brightens the skin, making it healthy and radiant.

Who needs glutathione

  • To improve complexion. Eliminates red spots, roughness, dry skin.
  • To combat hyperpigmentation. Glutathione helps cleanse the dermis and epidermis of free radicals and toxins that often cause age spots and melasma, as well as other common pigmentation disorders.
  • For the prevention of diseases and photodamage. Natural antioxidants are known to be able to protect against certain types of skin cancer. When combined with sunscreen, antioxidant products provide better protection against sunburn and photodamage than sunscreen alone.
  • With some forms of acne. Unfortunately, glutathione does not help with acne-related hormone imbalances.
  • So, the anti-pigmentation toner with glutathione brightens age spots, prevents hyperpigmentation and photoaging, removes dull, uneven skin tone, restores the lipid barrier, and moisturizes.

Korean women consider intensive nutrition to be a very important step in their facial care. It is serums and emulsions, containing active biological elements in a concentrated form, that fight diseases and skin imperfections, such as age wrinkles, acne, age spots, serums and emulsions penetrate into the deep layers of the epidermis, which allows not only to quickly get the desired appearance, but and fix the result for a long time.

Asian nourishing products are very economical, for a visible effect it is enough to apply a few drops on the face.

  • apply serum

The peptides in the composition of the whey have the ability to stimulate the vital activity of cells with a high degree of dehydration. Natural extracts: huttunias, propolis, tea tree leaves, have deep moisturizing, regenerating and antioxidant effects.

  • Next: – apply the emulsion

The emulsion deeply moisturizes and smoothes the skin, retains elasticity and softness.

Fights dull, gray skin. The components of nonapeptide and glutathione have an anti-aging effect.

  • Well, finally, he is native – a night, day, universal cream! All these products are designed to provide hydration and moisture retention inside the skin throughout the day. Everyone needs hydration.

! Lack of proper hydration is the main cause of skin problems and aging.

Face cream that evens out skin tone. The cream contains macadamia seed oil and ceramides, which increase skin elasticity and regeneration. Due to the fact that the cream contains a lot of oils, it clogs all the moisture in the skin, which allows it to be nourished throughout the day.


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