Not all women can openly talk about critical days, despite the fact that this topic often makes headlines. While discussions continue, new products appear on the market.

REMISA menstrual panties with an absorbent and waterproof protective layer are what you need right now.

What does menstrual panties mean and how practical are they?

Remisa menstrual panties are absorbent women’s underwear that works as an additional protection against leaks, with an insert sewn into the gusset. The latter performs the role of a traditional pad: thanks to it, linen instantly absorbs secretions. This design, unlike the gasket, will definitely not go off to the side. Even at night when you’re spinning in your sleep.

Menstrual panties of the Remisa brand are made of comfortable breathable materials, which eliminates the greenhouse effect and, as a result, irritation. The briefs are as light and comfortable as regular underwear. Back and front protection effectively protects during menstruation. The parallel use of tampons and a menstrual cup guarantees the most reliable protection during heavy periods.

Remisa brand underwear looks like ordinary underpants, ideal for menstruation, as well as during postpartum and other secretions, it can be used as a safety net for age-related incontinence. That is, it is suitable for both schoolgirls and women over 60.

With the help of special panties of the Remisa brand, you can save quite a lot of things: bed linen, an expensive orthopedic mattress, and your favorite fashion clothes, you can’t list everything. You can actively go about your business or sleep peacefully in any position without fear of trouble. There are many more positive properties of our special underwear brand Remisa. Perhaps one of you first gets acquainted with such a necessary thing in a delicate period. We hope our article was useful to you.

Someone has a sedentary monotonous job. And someone spends his day actively. Someone is in a hurry to train, to the airport, on a date, to the dacha to visit their grandchildren. Don’t let the cycle get in the way of your plans!

Your excellent mood is now only in your hands, thanks to our special lingerie brand Remisa!


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