Just open the cap and this compact product is ready to go!

Made from volcanic mud and minerals, using a special technology, the massage roller will eliminate toxins in the lower layer of the skin, your face will become clean from oily sheen and dust.

When using “Volcanic Stone” the effect will not take long. Instantly softens, cools and revitalizes the skin. Massages and mattifies the face. Prevents acne. Suitable for all skin types and daily use.

Unlike matting wipes, which are used once, the roller is reusable.

Ease of use:

Gently massage foresee with movements a ball of “volcanic roller” on your T-zone or in any other the place where the skin shines. It can be used both on a cleansed face and during the day over make-up.

How to clean:

– turn the lock clockwise, pull out the stone

-Wash the stone with a mild detergent in warm water

– Rinse and air dry before using again.

“Volcanic stone” is our secret for fresh and matte skin!

Sincerely, your JOLET!


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