An aggressive environment is what reigns on the streets of our cities now. Emissions, carbon dioxide, toxins, sudden temperature changes. All this directly affects our skin.

How to get rid of constantly appearing pimples all over the body, from a rash or redness?
Eternally hiding at home or sitting in a spacesuit will not work. And somehow you need to help the skin and the body!

Detox baths – that’s what can help!
They help to get rid of accumulated toxins, restore and rejuvenate the body. Therefore, today we want to introduce you to our new product – bath powder. It is a fast-dissolving mineral-salt product of therapeutic action.

It is aimed at exfoliating dead skin cells, increasing cellular respiration, restoring pH balance, detoxifying the body, relaxing and calming.

In the bustle of the city, there is not always time for SPA treatments and relaxation. Therefore, we have developed a product that will not take much time to use, and it will also effortlessly cleanse everything that your skin has absorbed from the body: smog, smoke, city emissions and other toxins.

The composition of the powder includes powdered pink Himalayan salt – this is the purest natural salt on earth. Its therapeutic effect is much stronger than that of ordinary sea salt. It is incredibly beneficial for the body, has excellent exfoliating properties, instantly improves the appearance of the skin. White clay (kaolin) contains minerals (iron and copper) that promote cellular respiration and renewal. As a result, the appearance of wrinkles is noticeably reduced. Cleanses pores, evens out skin texture and stimulates blood circulation. A dried tea rose flower adds an unobtrusive aroma and makes the procedure more pleasant and romantic.

To maximize the effect of bathing, we advise you to shower thoroughly before use. After, fill the bath with water at a temperature of approximately 37-38 ° C. Then add 450 grams of salt powder, it will dissolve instantly, and you just have to enjoy the process for 20-30 minutes. Keep a glass of cool water nearby to keep you hydrated.

Get up from such a salt bath slowly and carefully. After taking a bath, it is not necessary to take a shower, just dry the body with a towel. It is best to take a salt bath with clay just before bedtime to avoid any physical exertion. Himalayan salt baths are more intense and should not be taken every day. Start with once a week and then increase to three times a week.

After that, you will feel how your body has been cleansed, it will become easier for you to move, your pores will open, and all toxins will be washed out. Detox baths are what our body really lacks in today’s toxic environment!

We really hope that you will appreciate our new product and share your opinion in the comments.


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