Aloe vera has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. People have long noticed its peculiarity: even in almost desert conditions, it stores moisture inside the leaf, and it is this pulp that has a miraculous effect.

Aloe vera not only intensively moisturizes even the most dehydrated skin, but also promotes rapid and effective healing of wounds, abrasions, microtraumas and other inflammatory elements. He even has acne “on the shoulder”, and even for sensitive skin it’s hard to find something better.

That is why aloe vera has become one of the central components of the tonic for sensitive skin prone to age-related changes. Irritation, peeling, dryness, feeling of tightness, damage, loss of tone – all this can be forgotten, because the tonic formula is also enriched with collagen hydrolyzate. This component is aimed at a pronounced restoration of skin tone and elasticity, and, of course, it helps to restore the skin’s natural barrier functions, normalizes the hydrolipid balance, makes pores in problem areas less noticeable, reduces sebum production, and slows down premature aging and wilting processes.

In addition, the bottle is equipped with a convenient spray dispenser, that is, the tonic can be sprayed directly on the face throughout the day instead of thermal water. The spray is finely dispersed, very comfortable and refreshing. A great option for hot days, when the skin is especially susceptible to aggressive external factors.


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