Leather skirt A perfect addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Stylists call it an investment purchase that you will not regret. This piece of clothing looks feminine, bold, durable. We tell you how and with what to wear a leather skirt in 2022.

What shoes to wear
The shoes with which you will wear a leather skirt must be chosen taking into account where you are going or what impression you plan to make;

ballet flats or athletic shoes – for daily walks;
sandals or women’s shoes with heels – for an evening out;
classic pumps, ankle boots, or pointed-toe flats – to the office, to business meetings.

How To Wear a Black Leather Skirt
A black leather skirt is a timeless classic that can be worn with just about anything. Wear it with any shirt or top you like. Play with colors if you like – wear bold pumps and a top, or keep it solid with a black turtleneck. Wear classic heels or combat boots for a more casual look.

How to wear a leather pencil skirt
Ideal for girls with a slim figure, and more magnificent. This is a piece of office wear for conservative women who prefer a stylish look.

These skirts are best paired with a top that isn’t too tight to create a contrast.

For work, leather pencil skirts are best worn to the knees or longer. Pair with any closed top, such as a button-down blouse or a lace top. The midi pencil cut goes well with tops that aren’t tucked in. You can wear a blazer or a woolen jacket to him. Leather skirts are good in any color. Black is definitely more popular. But only because it’s easier to create looks with them. A bright leather skirt is a statement in itself: it doesn’t need anything else to make your look bold. Stylists advise wearing nude shoes with them.

Accessories for the look with leather skirts
Such skirts go better with silver jewelry than with gold ones.

You can “dilute” the leather total-look with additional accessories, a suitable bag, neutral makeup and a simple hairstyle.

Useful advice: before ironing a leather skirt, cover it with a cotton cloth. If you do not want to risk an expensive item, take it to a dry cleaner for ironing.


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