In beauty salons, beauticians can always make you a queen! If you have ever been to a beautician and done a full facial, then you know what I’m talking about. Cosmetologists always have some super-creams and miracle masks in their arsenal that give visible results immediately after one procedure!

And many home care products that we buy either in stores or in pharmacy chains do not give such a stunning effect … Today, a lot of different brands position themselves as professional, but not all of them are actually used in beauty salons. And not all salon care can be safely done at home. With acid peels, for example, you need to be very careful!

So what to choose for your home care from a variety of different professional procedures, so that it is both absolutely safe and to get instant and guaranteed wow-Effect? There is a solution – carboxytherapy masks!

This is a very effective and completely safe procedure that activates a lot of metabolic and regenerative processes in our skin in a natural way. It also enhances the penetration into the skin of all active ingredients in aftercare products. And most importantly – it is affordable and very easy to use at home.

The procedure consists of a set containing a special gel and a face and neck mask made of a special non-woven material. The gel is applied to clean skin and a mask is applied on top. Upon contact with the gel, the mask immediately activates, begins to hiss, tingle slightly and release a large amount of carbon dioxide on the surface of the skin. This instantly stimulates metabolic processes in the skin and gives the effect of injection procedures!

And here are the results that can be obtained after one procedure of carboxytherapy:

– Removal of puffiness of the face and area around the eyes;

– Lifting the oval of the face and neck;

– Rejuvenation and smoothing of wrinkles;

– Saturation of tissues with oxygen;

– Stimulation of the synthesis of collagen and elastin;

– Moisturizing the skin;

– Smoothness and healthy glow.

The recommended course of care consists of 8-10 masks, which should be applied 1-2 times a week. It can also be done as a flash care for the exit, as the carboxytherapy mask makes the face fresh, toned and rested.

So now each of you can safely make yourself a real salon treatment at home, sitting on your favorite sofa! Make it easy, absolutely safe. Do a course of carboxytherapy and enjoy your reflection in the mirror every day!


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