Socks are an essential wardrobe item for people of all ages. This thing is considered purely personal and even intimate. Modern socks are made from various materials, both natural and with the addition of artificial fibers. Not so long ago, bamboo fiber began to be used for the production of socks, which quickly gained great popularity. And now many consumers know what it is.


It’s no secret that bamboo fiber is made from bamboo stalks. During processing, cellulose is obtained, to which various adhesive substances are then added. Bamboo fiber is actively used to make various things, including underwear, bedding, socks.

At the moment, bamboo fabric occupies a leading position among most materials. This fabric is considered absolutely natural and has many positive properties. Bamboo grows in an ecologically clean area. It is grown without the use of any chemicals or fertilizers. Therefore, the output is a unique natural material.

The positive properties of bamboo fiber include its antibacterial composition, hygiene and the ability to eliminate unpleasant odors. Bamboo cloth has been proven to repel scabies mites and other types of pests. Bamboo clothing is breathable, protecting the skin from sweat and odor.

Cotton or bamboo?

After bamboo socks appeared on the market, they competed strongly with the familiar and affordable cotton products. Many buyers immediately preferred the new material. Bamboo or cotton socks – which is really better?


Women love short socks. Therefore, mainly, these models of socks are designed for a female audience. Short socks are easy to put on and look great with shorts and trainers.

Many women who have to wear nylon tights also wear short bamboo socks on top. They are completely invisible under ankle boots and provide additional protection from the cold.


Many people who decided to change cotton socks for bamboo ones spoke positively about this product. The following advantages were noted: wear resistance, preservation of brightness of color even after numerous washes. In addition, there are almost no pellets on the surface of bamboo socks.


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