Blackout – a solar eclipse with one wave of the hand.

First you need to say a few words about the material. Blackout is a dense three-layer fabric made from different fibers, in our case, from polyester. Due to their density, curtains create complete darkness at home, hiding up to 90% of the sun’s rays. The ability not to wake up in the morning from the bright sun or put a child to sleep during the day is necessary in modern apartments and houses. Therefore, when we decided which fabric would become the basis of the “linen look” collection, we did not have to think for a long time.

Looks like linen, but much more comfortable.

The trend for “eco-fabric” is alive and is not going to disappear anywhere. However, even if you close your eyes to the cost of linen curtains (it’s scary to think about silk), not everyone will like to spend a lot of time caring for capricious material. Nowadays, the main advantage for curtains is their practicality. Curtains made from natural fibers are not. So, let’s imagine what awaits you if you bought linen curtains and hung them in the bedroom:

Strika every couple of weeks, and, separately from most other things, at a temperature of 30

Purchase of special care products – linen is a capricious material

Careful and careful attitude to the material – stains, hooks, bruises

Periodic ironing of curtains – linen, even dense, is prone to wrinkling

Heavy, moody – after each wash you need to hang and drape, this is a labor-intensive process

For those to whom all this does not suit, there are curtains made of a more practical material – polyester. Their operation is reduced to the principle of “hang and forget.” And for those who still would like to see curtains with linen noble texture on the window, we offer our blackout, which cannot be distinguished from the real ones without touching.

We have created curtains that meet modern requirements: fashionable and practical. We offer you to evaluate them, Mesmer is always glad to new customers. Order blackout curtains – perhaps they will decorate your interior!


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