For a modern man, regardless of his age, a stylish appearance is important. And this zipped leather jacket will help you create an attractive look. She looks very status and will remain in trend for a long time. Some adult men and teenagers love oversized outerwear, others prefer demi-season sports elongated hooded jackets, others choose denim clothes for spring, it is also possible with a men’s leather jacket, windbreaker, coat and other wardrobe items. But this jacket made of high-quality leatherette (eco-leather) can replace any other outerwear for spring. It is lightweight, fits perfectly, has handy zip pockets, and is generally very well made. The threads do not stick out from anywhere, the fabric for the lining is reliable, while there is no insulation, that is, the jacket is not on a padding polyester. But an insulated motorcycle jacket, like a warm raincoat or other outerwear with membrane fabric and other features, is inferior to this bomber jacket in terms of visual effect. Such a fashionable youth jacket with a zipper will be an adornment for any teenager and adult man.

This model is suitable not only for spring-autumn, but also for summer, because it is light and with an unzipped zipper looks no less stylish than when closed. A bomber jacket can be a great birthday present for boys aged 12 and over. Yes, it works for older men too. Moreover, it is a windproof and waterproof model. You can safely wear it when you go hunting, fishing or other type of recreation. This model can be used as a motorcycle jacket without fear that you will be blown away. The lower part and edges of the sleeves are framed with stretch fabric, which ensures a snug fit, and therefore protection from the wind. This versatile leather jacket might just be your outerwear, but it’s also great for everyday use. She looks great on both thin and full men. Choosing this crocodile textured jacket will not disappoint you.


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