No matter how many BB creams are praised, which mask imperfections, help to achieve an even complexion like from the cover of a fashionable gloss, they have been replaced by an improved product that combines all the best properties of its predecessor, and even adapts to the natural skin tone. Intrigued? Then this beauty product will definitely appeal to you.

What is the difference CC face cream from other species?

Compared to traditional foundations and BB creams, it contains fewer fragrances, non-natural ingredients, and oils that can clog pores. That is why the texture of the cream is airy, weightless, tactilely pleasant and “flexible”. It is easily distributed over the skin, does not leave the effect of a mask, a greasy layer. After using the cream, only comfortable sensations and an exquisite velvety finish remain. It is almost not felt on the skin, so the components do not interfere with air exchange. However, it will not work to disguise something “global” with its help. It’s all the same light texture.

But this cosmetic easily cope with traces of lack of sleep, fatigue, uneven shade, redness, acne marks and even mask acne. The peculiarity of the CC cream lies in its color. The texture contains reflective pigments. After application, it adapts to the skin and allows you to make the complexion even and fresh. Manufacturers can offer a choice of up to 3 shades. There are means of purposeful action that whiten or fight bruises under the eyes, restore radiance to the skin. It is precisely such a magical tool that the innovative product from the Belita brand is. No Korean concealer can compare with this novelty!

Belarusian CC cream that revives the skin.

This is not just a cream, it corrects the complexion, guarantees perfect thin coverage due to its light, mousse-like texture. The composition contains a high content of optical pigments that help mask imperfections: bruises under the eyes, redness, unhealthy shade. The texture quickly adjusts to the tone. After use, the skin instantly becomes soft, moisturized, beautiful and velvety, it radiates a healthy glow.

This cream is the result of a long-term development of a popular Belarusian company, which is famous for its high-quality, safe cosmetics, the use of innovative ingredients and the latest achievements. All cosmetics are tested in laboratory conditions.

Take care of your skin with a unique treatment that gives you endless beauty.


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