Hot summer is just around the corner, which means it’s time to buy light, stylish and comfortable shoes. In the article, we review a pair of genuine leather shoes from the SHOESLEL brand.

The photo shows a SHOESLEL shoe model, art. 7759321

Let’s start with the main question: what kind of shoes do you need to buy for the summer?

  • If you look closely, most parents and children wear the wrong shoes in the summer, which can cause walking discomfort or even foot deformity.
  • You should not expose the foot to an additional load, so choose shoes with flat soles, but with a small heel.
  • Having a heel counter is a must if you want to prevent foot pain. The absence of a heel in summer shoes leads to an overstrain of the connective tissue frame of the foot – aponeurosis, since with each step you subconsciously strain it so as not to lose your shoes.
  • Pay attention to the shape of the nose. Undoubtedly, shoes with a pointed toe just captured the trends of 2022, but a very narrow toe squeezes the foot, cuts off blood circulation and can lead to foot deformity.
  • Choose summer shoes only from high-quality, natural and breathable materials!

Genuine leather shoes from the brand SHOESLEL

  • Eternal classics are even in children’s fashion – these are bows.
  • See how elegant and elegant shoes with bows look.
  • Small heel, leather inside and out, insole with anatomical drawer, well-adjusted last.
  • They will become your favorite shoes not only for the summer period, but also for school time!


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