The long May weekend is behind us, which means it’s time to take care of lowering cholesterol. Scientists from Denmark have found that the concentration of low-density lipoprotein (“bad” cholesterol) is especially high after the holidays. This is due to fatty dishes of meat, poultry and fish, consumed in abundance during the holidays. How to get back to normal and reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke? Here are some natural and healthy products.

Flax seeds

This natural product is a recognized leader in the content of a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PFA). The latter convert the esters of insoluble fatty acids of cholesterol into soluble, easily excreted. As a result, the level of cholesterol in bile and feces increases, and in blood plasma it decreases. It has been established that daily consumption of flax seeds as an additive to the main diet helps to reduce cholesterol concentration by 8–14%. At the same time, the higher the indicator of “bad” cholesterol was initially, the greater the decrease will be. When buying flax seeds, you should pay attention to the fact that the level of PFA largely depends on the plant variety. The highest content (54.8%) is characteristic of flax-curly variety VNIIMK 620.

Siberian larch

The strength of the wood of this unique coniferous plant is not inferior to that of oak. For this feature, as well as for its valuable healing properties, larch was called the tree of eternity. The fact is that a special substance, dihydroquercetin, was found in the composition of the root part of the tree. It is able to halve the activity of HMG-CoA reductase, the main enzyme necessary for the production of mevalonic acid, from which cholesterol is produced in the liver. But that’s not all. Dihydroquercetin inhibits the work of an enzyme that reduces the rate of destruction of cholesterol, and also does not allow cholesterol to combine with fatty acids and become activated. These properties together ensure the normalization of the blood lipid profile. Among the abundance of preparations based on dihydroquercetin, experts recommend choosing those in which the substance is adjacent to vitamins C and E, for example, Dihydroquercetin Plus. They have been proven to be more effective.

Rosehip May

Speaking of natural remedies for lowering cholesterol, we should not forget about the wild rose of May. The fruits of this plant, when taken regularly, already after 1.5 months reduce the level of total cholesterol in the blood of obese patients by 4.9%, “bad” cholesterol – by 6%. When combined with statins, this effect is even higher. Total cholesterol is reduced by 5.5%, “bad” – by 8.6%, and “good” remains unchanged. When choosing plant preparations, it is important to pay attention to the method of processing raw materials. The ideal option is cryoprocessing of whole rose hips. Unlike extraction and exposure to high temperatures, this method allows you to save all the biologically active substances of the plant in full, and therefore, to extract the maximum health benefits. This method of processing is used in the production of a domestic natural drug for the health of the cardiovascular system “Cardioton”.

Dandelion officinalis

The roots of the plant contain β-sitosterols. These substances are very similar in structure to cholesterol. In the small intestine, they take its place in association with microparticles, which ensure the penetration of cholesterol through the membranes of mucosal cells, and thus do not allow the fat-like substance to be absorbed. Processing of dandelion roots using ultra-low temperatures eliminates the destruction of β-sitosterols. It is this method that is used in the manufacture of the tablet preparation “Dandelion P” based on the roots of dandelion officinalis.

St. John’s wort

This plant is an excellent source of triterpene saponins. These substances are famous for their ability to inhibit the synthesis of cholesterol, and also for the fact that they can form sparingly soluble compounds with it, which are then easily excreted from the body. All triterpene saponins are fully preserved in the “St. John’s wort P” preparation. It is also produced using innovative plant cryoprocessing technology and is made from a whole plant.

The listed natural preparations, especially if they are used in combination, allow you to use all the power of medicinal herbs for the benefit of health, effectively reduce the level of “bad” cholesterol and are absolutely safe even with prolonged use. Take care of yourself and be healthy!


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