Collection Desselil: women’s winter down jacket and its diversity

Nowadays, winter women’s clothing is one of the most popular wardrobe items. And therefore, many manufacturers are increasingly thinking about its usefulness, creating things that are convenient and comfortable for everyday life, while not forgetting about the aesthetic side of the issue. And one of these everyday things is a winter women’s down jacket. In the cold, such a downy coat becomes the main character of a fashionable wardrobe, a special role is assigned. Its warming properties, combined with lightness, cannot be challenged by any piece of clothing. The warm women’s down jacket is presented in several versions, creating the opportunity to buy the one that suits the individual style, and which is perfectly combined with other clothes – casual, sports and even smart.

A high collar, a tightening of the hood, the bottom of the jacket and sleeves with elastic cuffs prevent snow, cold air and moisture from getting under the clothes, keep the heat inside. Durable zippers, ventilation holes and mesh inserts enhance functionality. This women’s winter coat contains a dense and windproof lining made of 100% polyester. Such a women’s winter down jacket is able to withstand temperatures up to -30 degrees.

The women’s insulated jacket has a zipper with two runners, two external pockets with or without a zipper, equipped with additional button rivets along the zipper line. A winter parka with a hood will not spoil your hairstyle and protect it from the wind. Such a warm winter jacket has hydrophilic properties: water does not get inside, but moisture from perspiration is removed to the outside.

The warm women’s down jacket Collection Desselil differs both in classic colors – black, and in more delicate ones – lilac and grayish.

Few people like short winter clothes. In this case, you can buy a warm and windproof down coat that completely covers the hips. No need to worry that the women’s elongated down jacket looks bulky: our designers have tried to give this voluminous winter clothing femininity, so it fits the figure well. To stay warm in severe frosts, it is recommended to combine several layers of warm clothes under a down jacket – this is convenient and fits into the layering trend.

When choosing a size, you need to take into account that the jacket will have to be worn over some other clothes, so you should not choose very tight-fitting products. Sometimes it is even better to take an oversized size – this way the jacket will be more comfortable to wear and last longer. In addition to the fact that there is a down jacket for women in large sizes (48, 50, 52, 54-56 sizes), there is also a warm jacket in sizes 42, 44, 46.

Thus, an insulated winter women’s down jacket should first of all warm, protect from wind, rain, snow and other vicissitudes of the weather, however, you should not forget about aesthetics either – you want to wear a jacket or coat with pleasure. However, practicality comes first. Such a winter down jacket, both large and small sizes, will help you feel like you are a snow queen, who will not care for any cold.

Memo “How to properly care for down jackets?”

– Proper care will extend the period of wearing a down jacket, keep its original appearance and warmth.

– The best time to wash a down jacket is once at the end of the season, before putting it away for storage.

– You need to wash the down jacket by hand, in a special mode in the washing machine or take it to the dry cleaner.

– For washing, you should use mild products that are easily rinsed out: baby soap, liquid formulations for delicate fabrics.

– Do not wring out and dry the down jacket in the drum of the washing machine – the filler can irrevocably clump.

– Do not pack a jacket or coat for storage in a vacuum bag – this can disrupt the even distribution of fluff and ruin the jacket.


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