Combination skin type is the most common in women. Its distinguishing features:

• increased production of sebum in the T-zone;

• enlarged pores;

• uneven relief, comedones and a tendency to inflammation;

• often, lack of healthy skin radiance.

For care, light slightly matting products are suitable, while moisturizing products that do not leave a “film” on the face.

Despite the trend towards naturalness and naturalness, most girls still apply makeup on a daily basis. They can get:

uneven tone when applied;

oily sheen – not immediately, but during the day;

Inflammation after removing make-up.

Not only decorative cosmetics that create a film are a provocateur of negative skin companions, but also an incorrectly selected makeup base – a primer.

There are a huge number of makeup bases on the market that do a really good job of their key task: to provide an instant matte and even tone.

But there is one minus that casts doubt on all the advantages of such funds. A high concentration of silicones as assets can cause breakouts, blackheads, pimples, and comedones. Since silicones create an airtight film, they interfere with sebum production. Agree, a couple of hours of good visual effect is not worth it.

How to recognize silicones in a makeup base? Here are the most common:








Make a choice not only in favor of the visual effect, but in favor of the health of your skin and its beauty without harm.

Skin Helpers spent months formulating a mattifying, lightweight fluid that is ideal for oily and combination skin types. Down with silicones and irritating components.

The natural physiological composition of the unique matting facial fluid with niacinamide and witch hazel (94% natural ingredients) provides targeted caring action, additionally matting the skin and hiding its minor imperfections. Light texture, pronounced action and ethical attitude to the skin will make Skin Helpers fluid a must-have for every girl.

Skin Helpers – cosmetics that your skin will love.


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