In a silicone mold, we can prepare any ice cream and even glaze it. Homemade ice cream is the most delicious and healthy – it does not contain flavor enhancers and preservatives.

And the whole cooking process will take you only a few minutes.

The most delicious popsicle recipe:

500 ml of liquid cream must be cooled, then poured into a deep container. The fatter the cream, the softer and tastier the ice cream will be.

Beat with a mixer on low speed for a few minutes, then on medium and finish on high until the mass thickens.

Separately, we drown 100 g of white or milk chocolate in a water bath, set to cool to 35 degrees.

Pour 100 g of condensed milk into whipped cream, add the cooled melted chocolate.

Gently mix with a silicone spatula until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Silicone form Lucien, put on a flat surface.

With a tablespoon, fill the cells of the mold, insert the sticks-holders and put them in the freezer.

After 1-2 hours the ice cream is ready. Let’s move on to decor. We drown 200 g of bitter dark chocolate in a water bath and set to cool.

Separately, grind 100 g of hazelnuts or walnuts, you can chop with a knife to crumbs.

Carefully take out a scoop of ice cream by the stick-holder, dip it in chocolate and lower it into the nut crumbs.

We put the finished dessert in a glass and put it in the freezer for 30-40 minutes.

Natural homemade and delicious ice cream is ready!

Create your masterpieces with Lucien!


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