All about guasha massage:

Mesoscooter – one of the oldest devices for massage at home. The principle of its operation is no different from a conventional massager: it stimulates blood circulation in the tissues. The roller is compact and easy to use. Massage can be done when and where it is convenient: at home, in a taxi or in the office during a lunch break.

Gouache Also a massage tool. It got its name from the technique of the same name, which was first mentioned in ancient China in the 1st century BC. Guasha is a special scraper made of natural material, with teeth of different shapes and sizes. A gouache scraper is more difficult to use than a roller, but the effect will not be long in coming.

The instruments complement each other. The roller in this complex is responsible for muscle acceleration, warm-up, and the gouache is responsible for sculpting.
As a result of regular care with a roller and gouache stones, the oval of the face is tightened, wrinkles are smoothed out, the facial contour is sculpted, and the skin color acquires a beautiful and healthy shade, the tone evens out.

In addition to the fact that the mesoscooter instantly accelerates the lymphatic system and reduces swelling, it also provides quick and safe elimination of wrinkles and enlarged pores, stimulates collagen production and activates tissue regeneration. Moreover, it enhances the effectiveness of used creams, gels and masks.

How to use a roller and gouache?

Two main and simple rules.

First: before starting self-massage, it is necessary to apply a product to ensure gliding. It can be a special massage gel or your favorite day cream.

Experts do not recommend using oils – most often they clog pores.

Second: all actions – both with a roller and Guasha stones – are performed along massage lines, should start from the center of the face to the periphery, be fast and confident enough.

The main rule in the technique of performing self-massage using gouache stones is to move along the massage lines. For each exercise (step) you should take no more than one minute. Apply a heavy cream or gel to your face before massaging so that the combs glide rather than stretch the skin. If desired, before the procedure, you can put the combs in the refrigerator for five minutes to enhance the tonic effect.

Step 1. We work on the cheekbones with the largest (oval part) of gouache, moving from bottom to top. You can change the position of the plates and alternate smooth sides with ribbed ones. So we emphasize the line of the cheekbones and facial contours.
Step 2. We put the comb with a wavy part at an angle of 45 degrees and work out the area between the eyebrows from the bottom up. We smooth the crease between the eyebrows, remove wrinkles, relieve tension.
Step 3. With the ribbed side of the plate, moving along the massage lines (from the beginning of the eyebrows to the ears), we “scrape” the superciliary area. We continue to smooth the forehead.
Step 4. Turn the plates over in the opposite direction and apply the smooth part to the nasolabial fold. We work out this area with active smoothing movements.

How often to do gua sha massage

“It is better to perform massage in a course of 10 sessions – two to three times a week is enough. Then, to maintain the effect, one session is enough in the interval from 1 to 10 days. Such a course helps to increase tissue regeneration, reduce swelling, improve joint mobility and relieve inflammation. In general, after the procedures, the skin condition improves – it literally begins to shine and looks more toned. That is why this type of massage is widely used in cosmetology


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