Shelves in stores are full of abundance and selection of skin care products. Our eyes run wide at the sight of such an assortment and we no longer understand what the skin needs. How to choose the very tool that will meet all the requirements and that it is important to give the effect of care. Especially the problem arose the question of skin cleansing and daily care.

EMY BEAUTY is a daily four-step beauty-algorithm of skin care that not only cleanses the skin but also gives it maximum hydration.

Hydration is the key to beautiful and forever young skin.

Back to the question – why moisturize the skin?

In order for it to remain dense, elastic, smooth and perfectly even

So that peeling and redness do not appear on the skin, and you are not bothered by itching

In order for the skin to stay young longer and you are not bothered by age-related changes (wrinkles, creases, flabbiness)

Finally, in order not to constantly use decorative cosmetics and not to mask imperfections

All of the above processes depend on how well your skin receives moisture. Moisturizing the skin is necessary from adolescence until the end of life. But it is more important to prepare the skin for the application of care.

So, 4 beauty algorithms in skin care.

This is one of the most important steps in skin care – CLEANSING. Helps remove dirt, sweat, sebum and make-up residue, preparing the skin for care. Cleansed skin better absorbs the active ingredients contained in skin care products. The skin care procedure should take place twice a day: in the morning and in the evening. Other treatments will depend on the time of day and the special needs and condition of your skin.

Yes, the first step includes two products at once (micellar water and washing gel), since one simply cannot exist from the other.

Micellar water with a moisturizing effect EMY BEAUTY – not only gently and gently cleanses the skin removing makeup from the face, lips and eye area, but also the “Hydrobalance” complex in its composition retains moisture in the stratum corneum of the skin and improves its elasticity. D – panthenol – soothes the skin, significantly reduces irritation, relieves inflammation. Micellar water contains special particles – micelles. Due to their micellar water is designed to cleanse the skin of accumulated fat, environmental pollution, decorative cosmetics. The particles dissolve all the dirt on the surface of the face.

And you already need to remove this dirt with the help of a cleansing gel.

Washing gel EMY BEAUTY – fully and gently cleanses the skin after removing makeup from the face, without disturbing the hydro-lipid balance and leaving no feeling of dryness and tightness of the skin.

We care about the skin so much that in this gel you will not find aggressive detergents that destroy the skin. But the probiotic included in the gel moisturizes and restores local skin immunity. D – panthenol – stimulates skin renewal, relieves inflammation and irritation.

Skin toning

If the need for face creams is no longer in doubt, then the stage of skin toning in daily care is very important!

Tonic – does not wash off cosmetics, it is used as the final stage of skin cleansing immediately after you have removed all impurities from your face (cleansed the skin with micellar water and then washed with gel) serves as a conductor for the active components of care products such as cream.

The main purpose of the tonic is to equalize the pH of the skin, soften and moisturize it after washing and prepare it for the application of care.

EMY BEAUTY Facial Toner – ultra-light tonic moisturizes the skin and gives it a feeling of freshness. Evens out the microrelief and ideally prepares the skin for further care. Hyaluronic acid maintains an optimal moisture balance in the skin, providing elasticity, firmness and radiance. A complex of 5 vitamins, has an effective synergistic effect:

– Vitamin C – stimulates the synthesis of the skin’s own collagen, improves elasticity;

– Vitamin E – protects cells from free radicals that cause tissue damage;

– Vitamins B3 and B6 – improve blood circulation and oxygen delivery to tissues, preventing dryness and flaking of the skin;

– Vitamin B 5 – stimulates tissue regeneration, has a rejuvenating effect.

Basic care EMY BEAUTY

All skin types need moisture, including oily, combination, and of course dry. A moisturizing face cream should be your go-to (without exaggeration) remedy. After all, any type of skin reacts to a lack of moisture.

Dry skin experiences discomfort and tightness, peeling appears.

Oily skin can simultaneously suffer from oily sheen, clogged pores, inflammation on the one hand, and dehydration, which only aggravates the situation, on the other.

The combination often reacts to a lack of moisture with a greasy sheen in the T-zone and peeling in the cheeks and nasolabial folds.

Normal skin loses its natural radiance, the complexion becomes dull, the tone is uneven, and an unpleasant skin sensation may occur.

The main component in this cream is hyaluronic acid, which effectively moisturizes by binding water molecules and keeping them in the upper layers of the skin, providing elasticity, firmness and radiance. An irreplaceable complex of polysaccharides, amino acids (proline, serine, argenine) and hydrolyzed proteins of wheat and soy increases skin hydration, density and by stimulating the synthesis of its own collagen. The result is hydrated, toned and youthful skin.

The daily four-step beauty – EMY BEAUTY skin care algorithm, will allow you to maintain youthfulness and radiance of the skin.


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