A bag is a practical accessory that every wardrobe needs. In addition to carrying personal belongings, it performs an aesthetic function: it complements, dilutes the image, and also replaces a ridiculous bag with a stylish attribute.

Consider what details of the bag set trends every year and make the accessory fashionable.

Klinchik – each season dictates its thickness
Wedge – the side part of the outer surface of the bag, determines its width and height. The wedge can be flat, large, concave or convex, and sometimes completely absent, for example, in models with a round bottom. Any size, even a centimeter wide. Miniature bags for phones and coins are in trend now.

In the latest collections, models with a rigid rectangular wedge, similar to a box, are gaining momentum.

Round wedges can be seen in stylish barrel bags. The wedges of one product may differ in size, creating an asymmetric silhouette. And if you choose the right one according to the base color, such an accessory will fit any look.

Valve, coattails or zipper?
Folds – the upper parts of the bag that connect the zipper to the body. This design allows designers to embody the craziest ideas, from box bags to animals.

The valve is a very common part for closing, which is thrown to the opposite side of the product. It can be fixed with a zipper or a magnet. Zupfer – a lock often used in briefcases. This season is used in vintage models.

Unusual shapes are in fashion. In addition to bags with classic closing methods, bags with ropes, bags with kiss locks, with revolving locks, with zippers around the perimeter, with straps are now popular.

Some trend bags do not close at all, but fold in half. Convenient, because you do not need to mess with the locks. The heaviness of the top half keeps the product closed.

Handles: short, long, removable
To decide on the type of handles, think about why you need a bag. Do you want a small evening dress clutch or a huge travel suitcase? It is important to listen to your feelings: do you like to hold on to short handles or is it better to carry a bag on your shoulder? Or maybe over the shoulder? Choose handles based on your preferences, lifestyle. The most convenient option for the undecided is small handles along with a long detachable, adjustable harness.

Adjust the length of the handles depending on the features of your figure: the bag, as a rule, should be kept near the places you want to pay attention to.

On the podium now you can find both short and long handles. A massive, wide, lush handle is one of the trends.

Another popular extreme is the delicate chain. Ideal for miniature items. Can even be worn as a bracelet. Large chains are also popular this season.

Tip: the width of the handle should match the dimensions of the product. The larger the bag, the wider the handle.

Welt or stitch pockets are a matter of convenience
Welt pockets are hidden inside the bag. Outwardly, only a slot or a zipper is visible. Look neat, do not catch the eye. Created for concise models. Worth choosing for discreet looks.

Tuning strings attached outside increase capacity, focus on themselves. Often present on sports models, but the classic versions are not deprived of such pockets. But be careful: sometimes there are too many of these pockets and the bag looks overloaded with details.

Jewelry: to be or not to be?
If you choose a bag for a strict look, then there should be a minimum amount of jewelry. You can just get by with a large buckle. If your goal is different, then this season will please you with a variety of details.

Girls who love ethnic style should take a closer look at the fringe. As a material for it, designers even use chains! The fringe is often accompanied by tassels.

As if floating in the air:
Do you like comfort and tenderness in images? Fur and other fluffy textures will definitely please you. Feel free to choose models covered with fur entirely.

Large stones and pearls are good for evening, luxurious clothes.


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