Moistened, heavy and shiny hair always attracts attention and can tell others a lot about its mistress. However, frequent dyeing, hard water and lack of time for serious care deprive hair of shine. Is it possible to quickly restore their former beauty, strengthen and transform them? Definitely yes! If you use professional cosmetics with healthy oils and know the 5 beauty secrets of a modern lady.

Gentle cleansing without squeaking

The main task of the shampoo is to cleanse the hair and scalp from accumulated sebum, styling products and dust. Some shampoos wash the hair to a squeak, injuring them and removing the natural protective film. Because of this, the coloring is quickly washed off, and over time the head has to be washed more often.

MARULA OIL professional shampoo contains natural extracts and oils that penetrate the hair and protect it from dehydration. It gives silkiness and shine, enhances the effect of masks and balms and protects against the harmful effects of frequent styling with tongs or a hairdryer.

Balm after washing hair

Do not neglect the simple rule: after shampoo, always apply balm! Shampoo slightly opens the hair scales for cleansing, and the task of the balm is to seal them and smooth the surface to a mirror shine. The tool fills the damaged areas and fills the hair with nourishing moisture lost during the use of irons, hair dryers and stylers.

Balm from MARULA OIL with panthenol, proteins and omega-fatty acids in the composition is able to restore even dry, dyed and curly hair. They become more obedient, easy to fit and look perfect.

Caring for dry ends

Dry and split ends are the main problem that many people fail to grow long hair. No matter how quickly the hair grows from the roots, the ends break off or look so unaesthetic that they have to be cut off.

There is a little secret – a leave-in oil with diamond chips from MARULA OIL, which makes hair supple and moisturized. The tool not only seals the tips, but also restores their structure from the inside. Apply oil before blow-drying and flat ironing. You will immediately appreciate the incredible shine and strength of the tips, which, it would seem, can no longer be restored.

Mirror shine throughout

A leave-in spray with thermal protection should be in the arsenal of every girl, because it is this tool that makes combing hair easier and literally transforms it in a matter of minutes.

After applying the spray, you can not be afraid to damage your hair with an iron, hair dryer or styler. The composition is activated when heated to a temperature of 230C / 446F, envelops each hair and seals its structure.

The result is a brilliant shine, elasticity and firmness. The styling lasts all day, while the hair remains straight, strong and shiny!

deep recovery

In addition to beauty, it is worth taking care of the health of the hair and scalp. Intensive moisturizing and deep restoration of dry, brittle and dull hair is possible only with the use of professional products.

Even if you regularly visit a beauty salon, 90% of the result depends on your daily care. By giving preference to the mask from MARULA OIL, you will retain the color after dyeing and the effect of salon procedures for a long time.

With a moisturizing mask, the hair becomes smooth, strong and acquires a brilliant shine!


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