Unique peptide hydrolyzate of collagen containing active
tripeptide glycine-histidine-lysine, which has a direct stimulating effect
on the cells of the cartilage bones of the skin, stimulates their regeneration and promotes
restoration of connective tissues. Thus, the synthesis and update starts
Direct stimulating effect of collagen hydrolyzate on collagen synthesis in
chondrocytes was scientifically proven in the work of OSSER in 2003, which indicates that when
addition of collagen hydrolyzate to the cell culture medium of cartilage tissue occurs
significant dose-dependent increase in collagen synthesis, which stimulates regeneration
cartilage tissue.
Biogenic collagen peptides act as a substitution therapy. it
means that they supply the cells with the substances necessary for the construction of young
collagen molecules. Synthesis of one molecule of type I and III collagens, which are
major collagen types of tissues that form the skin requires about 1000
glycines and 650 prolines. Amino acids proline and glycine form more than 50%
collagen molecules and their own synthesis by the body are energetically very
demanding. Therefore, it is much more beneficial for the body to obtain these amino acids in
Collagen peptides and amino acids pass from the lymph and blood directly into the liquid
tissue that surrounds cells. From it, nutrients pass into the skin
cells and so they are nourished from the inside.
This method of nourishing the skin has the advantage that substances are supplied to the cells,
which have a positive effect on the activity of skin cells without substances that the skin
irritate and pollute the outside. In case of skin nutrition with creams and emulsions
it happens that substances are transported from the surface of the skin to the lower layers of the skin,
causing allergic or inflammatory reactions.


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