It is unlikely that there is a woman in the world who would not dream of improving her figure, having elastic skin, seductive forms and wearing tight-fitting things that emphasize all this beauty.

The appearance of cellulite can not only disrupt these plans, but also greatly shake your self-confidence. This cosmetic defect, associated with structural changes in the subcutaneous fat, is, of course, not a disease in itself, but can be caused by various disorders in the body. This includes malnutrition, and dehydration, and circulatory disorders, as well as hormonal failure (for example, during pregnancy).

The modern beauty industry offers a huge range of products to combat this female enemy. It is important not to get lost in such a variety and choose the product that is right for you, will not cause allergies and negative reactions, and will also be safe for the body.

Anti-cellulite series brand SIBERINA – These are natural creams, gels, masks and wraps that will help to cope with cellulite and restore skin elasticity and healthy appearance. Please note that such products do not work on their own – in order to achieve a result, an integrated approach to the problem is needed:

Rethink your diet: eat more fruits, vegetables, fiber and protein, reduce the amount of fast food and sweets.

・Drink more fluidsbased on your weight.

· Go in for sports. Exercising in the morning, exercising in the gym or regular walks – pick up what gives you joy, so there is a better chance that physical activity will remain in your life for a long time.

Use special cosmetics for cellulite on a regular basis and remember: it usually has a cumulative effect, and the results will be visible in at least 3 months.

Anti-cellulite body creams work in much the same way: they warm or cool the skin, thereby stimulating blood circulation and helping to burn fat. In their composition, they may contain caffeine, red pepper, algae extracts, as well as other natural active ingredients aimed at combating the “orange peel”.

For convenience, we have divided the funds into groups, and now we will talk about each: why and how to apply, what result to expect.

Natural anti-cellulite products with a warming effect that require rinsing

The principle of use is as follows: first, steam the skin in the shower, then apply the mixture on the skin, wrap it with cling film, put on your favorite pajamas, cover yourself with a blanket and rinse in the shower after 20-25 minutes (during this time you can just have time to watch a new episode of your favorite series!) .

Please note: such products contain active ingredients, so when applied, an increasing sensation of heat and / or cold, tingling may occur, this is normal.

Hot chocolate body fat burner wrap with hesperidin is not just an effective anti-cellulite remedy, but a real spa treatment at home! The mixture has a delicious chocolate aroma, it is easy to apply and has a powerful stimulating effect on problem areas – in the composition of cocoa, robusta coffee extract, black pepper, cinnamon and ginger.

Anti-cellulite cream-mask for the body “Correction of the figure” will make the skin toned, supple and smooth, helping to reduce body fat due to extracts of red pepper and ginger essential oil, which have a stimulating and warming effect.

Modeling lifting mask for the body “Fire and Ice” has a double contrast effect – it warms up and cools the skin, thereby improving the exchange in cells. Black pepper, cinnamon and ginger extracts are responsible for the thermal effect, while mint and menthol extracts pleasantly cool the skin. As part of the product, blue clay, vitamins A and E, kelp, which contribute to the removal of toxins, excess fluid and increase elasticity.

Massage products with a warming effect that do not require rinsing

Here the method of application is simpler: apply the product to problem areas and massage for 10-15 minutes. To enhance the effect, you can use a manual anti-cellulite massager.

Lymphatic drainage massage cream for weight loss “Flat stomach” with caffeine Perfect for the waist and belly area. Camphor and caffeine improve blood circulation, while shea, coconut and cocoa butter tighten the skin and make it more elastic.

Modeling emulsion for the abdomen and waist with a warming effect contains essential oils of black pepper and cinnamon, red pepper extract and caffeine – these components warm up the skin, improve metabolic processes and promote weight loss.

Anti-cellulite products with peptides and elastin

Why peptides and elastin? The fact is that these components are very effective in the fight for smooth and toned skin of the body.

So, peptide complex Syn-Hycan, which we use in our cosmetics, promotes the production of hyaluronic acid, as well as decorin and lumican – substances responsible for the synthesis of collagen fibers, which are very important for maintaining youthfulness and elasticity of the skin. BUT hydrolyzed elastin perfectly restores skin elasticity, evens out the relief and helps to accelerate the production of its own collagen and elastin, prevents the appearance of stretch marks.

Anti-cellulite lifting cream “Creating the perfect silhouette” with peptides has a modeling effect, tightens the skin, makes it more elastic and smooth. The composition also contains essential oils of lemon and lime.

Serum “Body Sculptor” for problem areas with peptides and caffeine not only has fat-burning properties, but also intensively moisturizes the skin thanks to hyaluronic acid in the composition. Has a slight warming effect. It can be used as an independent tool and in combination with modeling creams.

Body gel 3in1 “Slimming, fighting cellulite and improving skin elasticity” with elastin evens out the skin texture, starts the process of splitting fat and has a lymphatic drainage effect. The composition contains nicotinic acid, which enhances the flow of oxygen to the cells, removes toxins and toxins, makes the skin softer and velvety.

Choose your cellulite remedy in the catalog, do not forget about regular care, be patient, connect sports and proper nutrition – then the war against cellulite will definitely end in your victory!


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