What it is?

Nozzle Hassi Satuo T5

This is a versatile nozzle that will help you vacuum and mop the floor at the same time.
It consists of a debris suction port, a dry wipe, a spray bottle and a wet wipe.

One movement, and the nozzle will eliminate even the dried-up stain from juice, milk or coffee.

The first stage of cleaning is the removal of large and small debris. After it, the surface is wiped from dust with a dry cloth. The next step is to spray water using nano mist technology. Thanks to intelligent control, the floor will not be wet, and the remaining liquid will be removed without streaks with a damp cloth.

Cleaning 2 in 1

Four-phase cleaning will allow you to spend up to 50% less time on cleaning.
Vacuum, sweep and mop the floor in one go, giving you more time to relax. One swipe and you get rid of debris, dust, hair, bacteria and tough stains. To start cleaning, you just need to connect the nozzle to the vacuum cleaner, attach the cleaning wipes and fill the tank with water.

Hassi Satuo T5 kit

Nozzle Hassi Satuo T5

To install the Satuo T5 head, press the button and lock the lock. This will take you no more than 5 seconds.

Basic set of microfibers

The new microstatic wipes are designed for easy, reusable use. They are highly absorbent, easy to clean and dry quickly.

Spare set of microfibers

2 additional wipes for dry and wet cleaning.

Spare spray nozzle

If you notice no spray, replace the nozzle on the inside of the nozzle.

Liquid container

Helps fill the water tank. To do this, remove the screw cap on the outside of the nozzle and pour liquid into the hole.

Instructions and Warranty

Contains a detailed description of the design and principles of operation of the nozzle.

What surfaces is it suitable for?

Wooden floor

The Hassi Satuo T5 nozzle selects a safe amount of water using an infrared sensor. The wooden surface will not swell and retain its appearance. After cleaning, the floor does not need to be additionally wiped and dried.


Usually a lot of bacteria accumulates on the tiles in the bathroom. The nozzle will not only clean the surface, but also disinfect it. To do this, add some cleaning agent to the fluid reservoir.


Microfiber cloths won’t scratch even soft marble surfaces. The nozzle will not leave streaks and will give the room freshness.

For which models is the nozzle suitable?

Features of the Hassi Satuo T5 nozzle

Type of: Nozzle for vacuum cleaner

Brand: HASSI

Compatible models: Dyson V7, Dyson V8, Dyson V10 and Dyson V11

Width: 29 cm

Length: 17 cm

Weight: 1.4 kg

Color: Grey

Manufacturer country: China


Can the napkin be washed in the washing machine?

Yes, subject to the following guidelines:
1. Water temperature should not exceed 50 degrees;
2. Washing mode – delicate;
3. The use of conditioners and conditioners is not allowed;
4. Only manual spin.

Do I need to recharge the nozzle?

No, it is powered by the battery of the vacuum cleaner.

Does the design of the nozzle match the design of the vacuum cleaner?

The nozzle Satuo T5 is made in the same style of Dyson vacuum cleaners and fits them perfectly.

A clean floor is easy!

Combine dry and wet cleaning in one move


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