Eco-leather and dermantin – what’s the difference? Making high-quality ethical bags has been the task of the myFLAFFIco team from the very beginning. We wanted to add beauty to everyday life, but do it with care and love for the world around
Therefore, natural leather was not immediately considered.

What options were left? There are not so many of them.

Leatherette is a material familiar to everyone since Soviet times. It has been used since the 1930s. It is a cheap substitute for genuine leather.

In the case of leatherette, a nitrocellulose coating is applied to the woven base.

The result is cheap, cheerful, but short-lived. Leatherette wears off quickly.

In the 1950s, a more wear-resistant alternative to leatherette appeared – vinyl artificial leather.

Cotton fabric was still taken as the basis, and a layer of polyvinyl chloride was applied on top.

Vinyl is basically plastic. The material quickly gained popularity. It was used for sewing clothes, accessories, shoes.

But the minus was also found here: vinyl artificial leather passes air very poorly.

Eco-leather is a modern high-tech material: polyurethane applied to a woven base.

The production technology of eco-leather is more complex and expensive than that of its predecessors.

The output is material that:

– breathes;
– does not stretch;
– does not cause allergies;
– withstands temperature fluctuations.

And it can take on any color and texture!
In terms of quality and appearance, eco-leather is in no way inferior to natural leather.

What did we choose?

Eco-leather, of course! It is important to us that myFLAFFIco bags serve you as long as possible.

Longer service life means fewer purchases.

Less shopping means more conscious consumption.

And conscious consumption is the way to reduce production volumes and the negative consequences associated with them!


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