You can’t completely avoid age-related skin changes, but you can stop it! The most popular face and body microcurrent lifting massager in Russia, the RBS facial skin rejuvenation and skin tightening beauty machine, is used as a thermal and ionic massager.

Cosmetic massage is suitable not only for the face and the area around the eyes, but also for the neck, arms and legs. The vibratory massager lies well in the hand, does not slip, it is noticeable by weight, but the hand does not get tired when used. Modern design makes you fall in love with this electric massager at first sight. Massage and microcurrent therapy help to eliminate double chin with lifting effect, dark circles, bags and puffiness under the eyes. Facial care with the help of a vibration lifting massager helps to smooth the face, smooth wrinkles and change the contours of the face oval without side effects. Every girl will be glad to receive this massager as a gift, because its full and regular use reduces trips to the beautician.


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