Quantity in shape – 3 cells

Finished Size – 8.6×4.7×2 (LxWxH)

vendor code – 43409325

Equipment – silicone mold 1 pc., silicone lid 1 pc.

Based on the personal experience of the chocolatier.

Author: Tsolenkopf Anna

Prologue: what to look for?

This form does not have a characteristic pungent odor, and its color indicates that impurities are not present there. Pay attention to the color, if it is bright enough and caustic (yellow, green, etc.), then most likely there may still be impurities.

While I myself was looking for silicone molds, I sniffed a lot of them, but this one has no smell, and after use it smells very distantly of chocolate – if you smell it strongly.


On the form there is a quality assurance symbol – “a glass with a fork” and it means that the product is intended for contact with food products. You can see such a sign on the cover of the form. There you will also find information about the temperature regime, icons that indicate that you should not put the form on the stove, open fire and cut with a knife directly in the form.

Who is the form for?

It is suitable not only for those who will make ice cream or popsicles in it.

For chocolatiers in them, you can make chocolate ala ice cream with fillings or just chocolate in the form of bars without sticks, and decorate with other chocolate products on top. Suitable for confectioners to create mini-cakes and rolls on sticks and other sweets.

The shape is suitable for all lovers of homemade cakes, chocolate or ice cream. For those who like to experiment with different tastes, shapes and fillings of products. Play with coloring and create multi-colored fillings for popsicles, and then pour them with chocolate or mix dried fruits until smooth, put in a mold, and then in the refrigerator and also pour over any chocolate.

There is no difference in temperature for the mold.

Silicone is a heat-resistant material, conducts heat well and can withstand temperatures from -40 to +230 C. It doesn’t matter where you put it in the freezer or oven, even if it’s a microwave. You can make fruit jelly or ice cream and put it in the freezer.

How to cook? There are many simple and delicious recipes on the Internet.

Personally, I tried to make this sweet and it turned out very tasty.


Cut banana into circles (3 pcs), put in the freezer for several hours. Then beat the banana, milk (60 ml), you can replace it with coconut milk and add a pinch of vanilla (optional), beat with a blender until smooth. Put the finished mass into the “popsicle” form and cover with a lid (it comes with the form, which is very convenient), pierce the places for the sticks in the form itself with a knife and insert them. At the end, send to the freezer for 1.5-2 hours. Then take out and enjoy ice cream with the whole family or eat it all yourself, you will get more;)

Form care and storage.

It is easiest to maintain and store the form, but wipe it down immediately after you have used it in cooking and washed it so that it does not leave muddy stains from water and oil, otherwise you will be tormented by rubbing later.

The form can be twisted, wrinkled, and there won’t be anything special for it, so if you get a slightly depressed or wrinkled form, don’t worry – it will not be difficult to return it to its previous appearance. You can tamp it into your kitchen cabinet however you like, but don’t overdo it so you don’t tear it.


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