We start the day with a cleansing of the face, and end it with it. The appearance, feeling of comfort, as well as the susceptibility of the skin to subsequent cosmetic products directly depends on how well the cleanser is chosen.

Brand DEBORO has expanded its line of products with vitamin C and introduces a cleansing gel.

You can sing odes to vitamin C: it is a powerful natural antioxidant, helps fight free radicals, brightens the hated freckles, age spots that so often like to appear in the summer.

The composition of the foam includes components such as: ascorbic acid, aloe vera, sugar cane extract, green tea.

As a result: the microrelief of the skin is leveled, the skin becomes lighter, a healthy glow appears, clean pores. It is worth noting that the foam has an economical consumption, which means that its use can be increased up to several months.

To experience all the benefits of using vitamin C and get even more results, it is recommended to pay attention to vitamin C serum.

This combination increases efficiency, brings visible results faster. Foam for washing is the first stage – it gently cleanses, and the components that make up the composition begin to act. Then you should apply a tonic to even out the ph of the skin. And then, the active ingredient is serum. Serum penetrates into the dermis, providing a beneficial effect on the skin. Finish the care step with a cream or light lotion to cover the active ingredients.

Effective products for the face with vitamin C: facial wash and serum.


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