Leather products have a centuries-old history, and they never go out of fashion. This is an attribute that emphasizes the refined taste of its owner, a kind of sign of solidity and prestige.

Leather products are durable enough to please their owner for many years. And even after years, when your leather accessory is pretty shabby, it began to look even more solid, thanks to the scuffs that formed.

Genuine leather products can be an excellent gift, which will be appreciated by both lovely young ladies and brutal respectable men.

We offer you to get acquainted with one of the options for such useful and functional gifts – a cover for car documents and passports with a cardholder.

You no longer need to puzzle over what to give to a colleague, beloved man or young car lady.

Gift set includes:

Passport cover. Protective glossy flaps inside will protect the most important document from wear and tear, in addition, such a cover will add prestige to the owner.

Driver wallet. Every car enthusiast knows how convenient it is to keep all documents in one place – a driver’s license, registration certificate, insurance, diagnostic card – there is a place for everything. The purse has pockets for storing SIM cards.

Cardholder. Holds 20 plastic cards, for ease of use, the pockets for cards are made in an ergonomic shape, complemented by a window for easy removal of the card from the pocket. Your discount and bank cards will always be at hand and reliably protected from moisture and accidental slipping, since the cardholder closes with a button.

Possibility to choose colors. We offer you three basic color options for the gift set: powder, black, brown. Men and women will be pleased with such an exquisite functional gift.

Genuine leather products are practical, they set a certain style for their owner, emphasize his taste, position him as a person.


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