In the modern world of manufacturing technology, there are a huge number of variations of materials of artificial origin. Manufacturers and sellers of products made of artificial materials are trying to eloquently name their products for a better perception, for example: 100% eco-leather, composite leather, artificial leather. All this means only one thing – products made from such materials not only serve many times less than natural materials (we will talk about them a little lower), but also harm health. Firstly, the artificial material does not allow air to pass through (like a PET film), and secondly, any damage to the artificial material sends this product to the garbage container almost 100%.

In this article we will analyze such an important product for life as shoes. In order to better understand the difference between shoes made of genuine leather and artificial materials, let’s break down the classic men’s shoes into its components.

The shoes are made up of: shoe upperthe so-called shoe blank, which consists of an outer and inner (lining) layer, insoles and soles.

Imagine that the shoes are completely made of artificial materials: In the first 2-3 days it will seem that you saved a lot of money, after a week you will feel tired on your feet, after another week your loved ones will feel an unpleasant smell, and after another week something will peel off in your shoes and you will either have to throw them away or make repairs that will cost more than the shoes themselves. And if, all of a sudden, you wear such shoes during the year, changing periodically to new ones, your legs will be chronically tired and bring discomfort to you and your loved ones with their aromas. Therefore, when deciding to buy shoes made of artificial materials (leather), consider all the described risks and consequences.

In 99% of cases, when it comes to leather shoes, the manufacturer means the material of the upper (blank) and possibly the insole. We present to your attention shoes FULLY 100% natural leather, including the sole. These shoes allow air to pass through the entire surface -360 degrees. You will feel the difference between the so-called rubber sole and the sole made of leather.

CODDEX – This is exclusively handmade according to the author’s design. Impeccable workmanship, perfect fit, exclusive design, first-class materials, and only the highest quality leather – this is the fundamental concept of making shoes that you forget about when you wear them. We only make shoes with leather soles and wear them ourselves.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing not only beautiful but also useful shoes.


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