A cosmetic set seems like a gift on duty, but in vain. Like in a box with pencils from a children’s song, in a box with jars there are impressions: aromas, warming baths, relaxation of strained muscles and the joy of joining a mass trend (be it a black mask or a sea of ​​glitter).


The holidays are ahead, and then the long weekend. This is a great opportunity to find time for home treatments and skin care products that you have only thought of.

For example, the “SPA-ritual of seduction” set with natural aphrodisiacs, with the scent of jasmine and ylang-ylang: shower gel, body scrub with Dead Sea salt, body cream and bath salt. Ingredients: carob extract, sea salt, chamomile, peach oil, jasmine oil, macadamia oil. Representatives of the brand recommend a gift not only to “beloved”, but also to “mother, grandmother”. Well! Who are we to argue.

Another gift from the Zeitun brand, a set of coffee scrubs, is perfect for those for whom the New Year is first of all a renewal. The composition invigorates: ground coffee robusta, chili pepper, black pepper, cocoa powder, vanilla pods, ginger and cardamom. Then everything is very fragrant: sandalwood powder, vanilla absolute, white lotus extract, black cumin oil, sweet almond and pomegranate seeds. The list is far from complete, so carefully read it in the annotation on the product card and make sure that the person you are giving the kit to does not have allergies.

Salt and mud from the Dead Sea is what is most often brought from this resort. But you can make a useful and pleasant gift to your relatives, even if you have not been to the Dead Sea or have been for a long time. Salt gently exfoliates dead skin cells, eliminates mild inflammation and allergic reactions, and helps to relax. Natural mud from the Dead Sea stimulates metabolism, frees pores, absorbs excess sebum and gives a feeling of skin renewal; it is used in cosmetology for masks and body wraps.

The Dead Sea

Salt and mud from the Dead Sea are produced both on their own and as part of a variety of cosmetic products.

For example, in the composition of SeaCare shampoo and conditioner. Both products perfectly cleanse and refresh the hair and scalp, while they can be used daily. Another gift option from the same brand is a rejuvenating body lotion and rejuvenating shower gel.

A set of tonic and gel scrub for the face BIO MARINE from the Sea of ​​Spa brand is both cleansing and moisturizing; in addition to the minerals of the Dead Sea, the composition includes an extract of aloe leaves.

Black Pearl gift set (from the same Sea of ​​Spa brand) – body cream and foot cream. In the composition – extracts of rose, lavender and shea butter, arnica oil and pearl powder.

Men’s cosmetics

Our editors approached this collection with special diligence. Men deserve good cosmetics no less than women, but they rarely get carried away with it. And then there are the holidays! An excellent occasion to make a loved one pleasant and replenish his cosmetic stocks. For example, SeaCare tried to fit all the necessary men’s cosmetics into their kit: shampoo, shower gel, aftershave balm and face cream.

ORGANIC THERAPY has brought together products with menacing names and gentle souls: Provocateur body lotion contains almond oil and vitamin E, and handmade Christmas tree-shaped soap.

The gift from BEAUTIFIC includes a hair growth shampoo, a multi-functional cooling treatment and a texturizing styling paste. It all smells very nice, as do Zeitun products, a brand known for working with natural essential oils. The Active 24 set includes a strengthening shampoo, a protective shower gel (with an antiperspirant function) and a deodorant. The composition is fragrant to unconsciousness: chamomile extract, sage essential oil, white willow bark extract, ginger extract, black cumin oil, sea salt, nutmeg essential oil, lemon peel oil, grapefruit, tea tree, eucalyptus, neroli, lavender, bergamot and mint.

Dr. Sea produces cosmetic kits for men with salt and mud from the Dead Sea, the effect of which we have already written above: these are shampoos, shower gels and shaving products.

Face cream and gel scrub – that’s what is in the miniature tube of the SILAPANT set. Not the most common products on the men’s cosmetics market – this makes the gift even more valuable.

natural and organic

Natura Botanica kits will be a hit with athletes as a hot sea salt bath is a great recovery tool. In addition to salt, there are bath bombs and essential oils: rosewood, sandalwood and lemongrass (depending on the set).

The same brand launched the Shine and Beauty set, a complex of face, body and hair care designed for cold winter days. Ingredients: lip balm, hand balm, face tonic, primer oil, universal foam, eyebrow and eyelash growth activator oil, hair smoothing and shiny product, lavender oil and jojoba oil.

ORGANIC THERAPY recommends giving “Happiness”: according to the brand, it consists of body massage oil with a lavender scent, handmade pink soap, “Nobility” sugar scrub (apparently, after application, the chances of discovering a pillar noblewoman increase), a spa geyser for bath “Blackberry” and dry body scrub “Green tea with fruits”.

Harsh as a concrete loft, the design of the Be I set is fraught with jasmine and rose scents – in the form of bath bombs, essential oils and bath salts.

But cosmetics Rose of Bulgaria hides nothing, even if you call it a rose, at least not: it is liquid soap, perfume, face and body creams with the expected delicate aroma. You can assemble the set yourself. It will please both those who remember Bulgarian cosmetics from the Soviet times, and those who are fluent in modern mono-flavors.

Millennial Joy

Korean cosmetics and Korean beauty trends, sequins everywhere and everything with sequins, packaging in the form of toys and sweets, travel formats and just small and pretty – in the world of beauty, of course, there are trends and iconic phenomena, and many do not lose popularity. for several years now.

For example, everyone remembers black masks from Instagram; ERBORIAN released the My Korean Beauty Bowl set, which, in addition to the black scrub mask, included a sheet moisturizing mask, Yuzu Sorbet day cream and CC cream – hits of the Korean beauty industry, something without which it cannot be imagined. Give a “bowl” to someone who is not yet familiar with Korean cosmetics, but is not averse to getting acquainted. Or give it to yourself before the New Year’s party: the products are just designed to give your skin what it needs in a minimum of time.

The ERBORIAN set for connoisseurs of matte skin – ITS MATTE TIME – includes a moisturizing mask and BB cream. Brand representatives promise the effect of baby skin! The set includes a nice bonus — a transfer tattoo from Sasha Unisex.

It will be nice to receive as a gift a cosmetic bag with the necessary products in a travel mini-format (PULAMU): shampoo, balm, shower gel and body lotion, or five miniature Medi Flower hand creams with different floral scents: lavender, lotus, peony, white lilies and rose hips.

And finally, glitter! More sparkles because it’s New Year’s Eve. Shining and shimmering can be perfectly legal even for those who last did it at a school disco in the last decade (or millennium). 7DAYS adds glitter to hair and body gel, eye shadow and lipstick, body spray, and generously in packaging. Just a set of cosmetics, but how much joy!


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