Women’s handbag is an elegant accessory and at the same time a big mystery for men) women love to fill their companion with many necessary things. Mascotte, in the best spirit of wizards, will help organize the storage of important things in a woman’s bag.

A large selection of color schemes of accessories will help to harmoniously complement the bag.

Wallet – small or large, in color, contrasting or classic black

Key Holder – This small handbag pouch can be used for more than just keys. Put headphones, change, hygiene item in it, go to sports or go to the pool – put watches, jewelry in it

A cosmetic bag is a faithful keeper of cosmetics, your favorite lipstick, powder, hair accessories, and small feminine items.

Business card holder – store important cards, business cards and small photos of loved ones)

Cover for documents made of genuine leather

Glasses case – an indispensable accessory for a handbag, will help keep glasses in perfect condition

And we remind you that it is very important to decorate your bag or backpack with a scarf in the color or matching the color scheme with your clothes – voila! The handbag is filled, you are comfortable, everything is at hand, everything is stylish and combined with the image.

And now, dear sorceresses – to conquer, surprise and charm!

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