Finally, the summer time comes and everyone massively began to change clothes from warm clothes to lighter and more comfortable ones. More and more unique and unusual things appear on the pages of fashion magazines that will be in trend this season.

One of these is tops. This is a piece of clothing that will never cease to be relevant. It can be worn under any bottom and any shoes. There are even more varieties of them than combinations. As the legendary Gianni Versace said:

“Fashion does not stand still, but clothes remain the same!”

This spring, the corset top has become the most popular of all variations.

The dense fabric of the corset supports the bust and defines the waist, while delicate sleeves create an incredibly feminine look. Corset top is perfect for evening walks, restaurants or cafes, any important event.

Corsets appeared at the French and Spanish courts around 1550. Since then, this piece of clothing has been transformed many times. He acted as an element of court fashion, a bandage corset for treatment, and finally became familiar to us, an integral element of casual style.

Around 2019, fashion designers from all over the world turned their attention back to the corset and combined it with the idea of ​​a women’s top. As a result, we get a comfortable and stylish thing that will last more than one season in the trend.


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