In 2020, I began to have active skin rashes. At the time when the active wearing of masks began. I see a direct link in this. Many cosmetologists have nicknamed maskakne.

Not knowing how to save the skin, I went to the beautician for cleansing. Although there were active inflammations, wounds on the skin, I still had cleansing, which provoked even more acne. At that time, I especially lacked that very feeling – the feeling of being beautiful. To close this desire, I went for a face massage. Where I pointed out my acne problem and asked to take it into account in working with me. They applied comedogenic oil to me, which completely clogged all my pores and became a conductor for new rashes. I was in despair.

I work with people all the time, always in sight. And here I do not feel the former confidence and control how close people come to me so that they do not notice my imperfections.

I realized that no one can help me and I need to independently and thoroughly study this issue. And so I found out that the most powerful acid used to treat acne is azelaic. I began to buy funds with her and noticed improvements. But acid is insanely drying.

At the same time, I understood that I wanted to help girls heal their skin and not make mistakes by talking about my experience.

I contacted Rekish contract manufacturing in the Republic of Belarus. She said her wishes that I definitely want to see azelaic acid in my serum, but I don’t want it to dry out. Together with professional cosmetologists, we created a serum after 9 months of trials and testing. We have added non-comedogenic, which is important (!), Shea butter, allantoin, vitamin F. The latter incorporates a complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids, which provides maximum skin hydration.

When the serum arrived, I immediately began to use it and saw the result that I wanted for 2 long years. Then my colleagues noticed the result and became my first clients. It seems to me that this is the most important thing: if people who see your face every day buy your author’s serum.

So I cured my skin and created my own brand “Zamiatina”. I made my little wish come true, and now everyone has the opportunity to make themselves more beautiful. Serum for the face from acne / anti-acne with azelaic acid Zamyatina


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