When choosing cosmetic products to combat cellulite, we often come across a huge range of different masks, creams and scrubs. At the same time, advertising campaigns say that it is the anti-cellulite cream that will “save” orange peel on the body and make the skin as smooth as possible.

Agree, because no one has yet come up with a miracle remedy that can instantly get rid of all problems. Only an integrated approach and competent use of cosmetics gives a positive result. But how does an anti-cellulite body cream work? Let’s figure it out together.

What it is?

Anti-cellulite cream has a major advantage over other similar products – an intense warming effect. As a rule, such products contain caffeine, hot pepper, retinol, extract from tea leaves and other additional components – horse chestnut, soybean oil and various algae. The main task of the warming cream is a direct effect on the vessels to improve blood circulation. In turn, this triggers the important processes of removing toxins and toxins from the skin. Note. There are many varieties of anti-cellulite creams – with cooling, warming and other effects. For example, a cooling cream is necessary for the prevention of varicose veins. In addition, such compositions quickly soothe irritated areas and tone the skin.

If the danger from the cream?

In fact, all cosmetic products can be dangerous, but only if they are not used for their intended purpose. In all other cases, the cream is not dangerous. At the same time, warming compositions are not recommended for use during illnesses and on damaged areas of the skin. Despite the fact that natural ingredients predominate in the cream, it is better to check it for allergic reactions in advance – this is a normal practice for any cosmetics.

Do you need an anti-cellulite cream?

By itself, anti-cellulite cream will not be able to fully cope with the orange peel, and even more so it will help to lose weight. You must understand that only an integrated approach gives the most positive result. Therefore, we recommend using the scrub (cooling art. 47273679 and warming art. 47276910), body mask (cooling art. 47284851 and warming art. 47283325) and anti-cellulite cream (cooling art. 47328082 and warming art. In this case, the positive effect will not be long in coming. Carefully read the instructions and recommendations for the use of any cosmetics. Use scrubs and masks only for their intended purpose, then the end result will exceed all your expectations.


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