Take a size larger or smaller? Many curvaceous women regularly ask this question. If you do not follow the basic rules and tips shared by professional stylists, the search for the right outfit will take too much time. In this article, we have collected information about what items of clothing you need to replenish your wardrobe, how to do it right and what to look for when choosing things .

Basic tips for choosing clothes

The main rule when choosing things for plus size women is convenience. Any clothing chosen must meet the following criteria when trying on:

  • Do not restrict movement.

  • Don’t bristle.

  • Do not have excessive tension on the fabric.

  • Don’t unfasten.

Things of moderate oversize are ideal for all criteria. They do not constrain movements and look neat. Clothing of this cut successfully hides problem areas without making the figure shapeless. It is also worth considering oversized models with a semi-fitted silhouette. They are not as loose, but still do not fit the figure.

Recommendations from professional stylists

The most important thing when choosing clothes is finding the right fit. If you choose things arbitrarily, you can spoil not only the appearance, but also the mood.


Outerwear must be chosen wisely. To do this, it must be borne in mind that several layers of things will have to be worn under it. The jacket or raincoat should be loose, not hinder movement when walking. Moderate oversized always looks advantageous and allows you to wear a warm sweater or a bulky hoodie underneath. As for the length, coats and down jackets up to the middle of the thigh or calf look the most advantageous.


Plus size women should buy medium or high waisted trousers and jeans. They should fit snugly against the stomach, without creating discomfort when bending over or in a sitting position. Owners of the “apple” figure are better off choosing an average fit for jeans and trousers, since a high one creates extra volume in the abdomen. The required size will delicately pull off extra pounds, making them less prominent. Pants in the style of a palazzo or boho will hide the flaws in pear-type women. They should sit loosely, not tightly fitting the hips and buttocks. If the zipper unzips while walking, you need to look at a larger model.


Shoulder seams in the selected product should be exactly on the line of the shoulders. If they are in front of the line, the model is small, the seams behind it are large. The exception is models in which the shoulder line is deliberately understated. A well-chosen dress should comfortably fit the chest without squeezing it. The seams of the product should not dig into the body, making it difficult to move. If you buy a long sleeve model, pay attention to what happens to the dress when the arms are raised. If the sleeve goes down a lot, this may be a signal that the thing is small. However, in some cases this may be a feature of the style.


Today, stores offer many options for oversized shirts for obese women. When trying on, pay special attention to the fit of the item in the chest area. There should be no gaps between the buttons in a buttoned blouse due to which underwear is visible. As for the sleeves, opt for a raglan cut. Plus size tunics for women with a plus size figure are a good alternative to the usual shirts. The most important thing is to choose the right length. Try to choose models that reach mid-thigh. To feel comfortable and confident, buy clothes with thoughtful designs and suitable prints that will visually slim you.


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