Genuine leather bags have always been in great demand: wear-resistant material, perfectly even seams, cute decor elements and a comfortable handle are the standard requirements of most fashionistas. However, under the guise of high-quality leather, unscrupulous sellers may try to sell a fake, and the buyer may not notice this right away. If you intend to purchase a good leather bag, we will show you how to check the product and not become a victim of fraud.

How to determine that the bag is made of genuine leather?

So how do you figure out that the bag you like or the attractive backpack is made of genuine leather?

There are several factors.

  1. Seams. It is important to examine the bag: the wrong side of the natural material is suede. This is best seen in the seams and cuts.
  2. Information. It is worth carefully studying the tag, where the manufacturer indicates information about the naturalness and composition of the product.
  3. Emblem. Leather accessories are complemented by an image in the form of an animal skin. On leatherette, there is usually an emblem in the form of a diamond.
  4. Thermal conductivity. The skin heats up quickly. It will be enough for the buyer to touch the material for 15 seconds and check the temperature.
  5. Creases. Natural material is easily restored if it is bent. Eco-leather – retains its “wrinkling” for a long time. For example, a baguette bag – checking the product in this way proved its naturalness.

What can’t be trusted?

Unfortunately, there are ways by which to determine the naturalness of the material and its quality will not work at all.

  1. Smell. Although bags made of natural material have a special smell, the sense of smell can easily let the buyer down – you should not count on it.
  2. Sample. Products made of genuine leather are sold together with small tags made of the same material. But nothing prevents sellers from replacing the sample with a better one.
  3. Experiments. Some craftsmen check the naturalness with the help of water and fire. It is believed that real leather quickly absorbs moisture and does not burn. But the methods are ineffective, since an artificial product may well contain a small percentage of natural fibers.

Leatherette is becoming more and more in demand – this material is more environmentally friendly, cheaper, and looks good. But artificial material will definitely not be able to compare with genuine leather: the first option is much better and more reliable. After studying the recommendations from Paprika Bag Italy for choosing leather handbags, you will definitely be able to find an impeccable product that will delight you for many years.


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