Lightweight, long-wearing, with sun protection and skin care properties, foundation should be an all-in-one product in summer.

In summer, it would be good to minimize the amount of cosmetics used in makeup: in the heat, our skin already has a hard time. True, many do not have the opportunity to completely refuse it – due to uneven tone, inflammation and other imperfections, one way or another, one has to apply foundation.

Foundation for the summer should:

  • be light in texture – dense coverage can be a heavy burden on the skin in the summer;
  • differ in durability, otherwise in the heat the makeup will simply “melt”;
  • slightly matte the skin, preventing the appearance of oily sheen;
  • protect from UV rays – you need an SPF formula in the composition;
  • contain caring ingredients to prevent dehydration of the skin.

Enough Collagen Moisture Foundation is a real find, because for such a modest cost, it allows you to create perfect makeup.

Collagen – moisturizes the surface layers of the skin and penetrates into the deeper layers of the dermis. Collagen is a building material that maintains the elasticity of the skin, preventing the appearance of wrinkles.

Hyaluronic acid – retains moisture in the cells, prevents premature aging, makes the skin supple and smooth.

beta glucan – an active ingredient with anti-inflammatory, protective and rejuvenating effects. Destroys dead cells, regulates the sebaceous glands. Cleanses and heals the skin after inflammatory processes.

Why you should opt for this tonal basis:

  • has protective properties against ultraviolet rays, gives the skin elasticity
  • natural effect, adapts to the natural skin tone
  • when applied, it is quickly absorbed, leaving no streaks, without clogging into wrinkles, smoothing out skin irregularities
  • suitable for all skin types, including sensitive, prone to irritation
  • has a pleasant aroma
  • has a convenient and economical dispenser, dispenses the product in small drops
  • 100 ml volume will last a long time even with daily use

    More information about the product can be found here: ENOUGH Moisturizing Foundation


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