The gold chain is one of the most popular jewelry, loved by both men and women. Universal weaving and one of the most durable is bismarck, anchor, double rhombus, nona, singapore. Which of the weaves to give preference depends only on your taste.

You need to decide what metal you want to purchase the chain from. It can be white, yellow or red gold, as well as silver or platinum. It is also worth considering the shape of the neck and the age of the future owner of the chain.

A massive chain with a large weave will look luxurious on a large woman, and for a young girl, you should choose a more elegant thin chain.

When purchasing a gold chain for a cross, a religious pendant, you should remember that it should be twice as heavy as a cross, and be long enough so that the cross can be hidden from prying eyes.

If you choose a chain to wear a pendant or pendant on it, then you should pay attention to the thickness of the product, since not every one will look harmoniously with the pendant. The color of the pendant and the chain must match (consider the shade of gold – red, white, rose, yellow gold, or combined models). However, modern fashion sets new trends, leaving old stereotypes behind. The trend of modern days is mix and match: you can combine any colors and metals: gold with silver, silver with jewelry and other variations.

If you want to give a gift to a child, then you do not need to choose a product with complex weaving, since children should not be expected to wear jewelry neatly, and not every workshop will undertake to repair it.

It is very important to pay attention to the reliability of the lock.

Therefore, when choosing a chain in a store, pay attention not to the type of lock, but to how easily it fastens and securely keeps from unfastening, whether it is convenient to use the lock without assistance.

The quality of the decoration, of course, is the most important thing. Don’t go for cheap chains. By purchasing massive chains at a low price (not full-weight, lightweight, hollow models), you can find that there are voids inside them, due to which the product is deformed and broken. It is very difficult to repair such chains, and sometimes it is simply impossible, because they simply burn out during soldering.

More reliable are products of domestic manufacturers, heavier and more expensive, with excellent quality.

If you regularly clean and inspect the chain, it will serve you for many years.

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