A wrist watch for a woman is one of the many accessories that can emphasize the style or add a special accent to it. This is the main difference from men’s watches, which, on the contrary, can be the only decoration and are often purchased “once and for all life”. A woman wants to change her image more often, carefully follow fashion trends and have a ready-made set of accessories for any outfit and occasion. We figure out what to look for when choosing current female models.

Women’s watch design

For women’s watches, the appearance is especially important, as far as the model is combined with other jewelry – a bracelet, rings, earrings. How does the overall design fit into the style of clothing and whether it harmonizes with makeup. It is precisely because of the variety of occasions for which women buy watches that we need to have a whole arsenal of models in order to be able to choose for a dinner party, a cocktail party or a leisurely weekend stroll.

Also, for women’s watches, the appearance and compatibility with every detail of the image are especially important – other jewelry, clothes and even makeup. The more images in the women’s wardrobe and the more they differ from each other, the stronger the desire for each to pick up a separate watch. So carefully selected models of watches appear in the arsenal one after another: universal for every day, chic for special occasions, practical for travel, etc.

Movement: quartz or mechanical?

According to statistics, 90% of women choose quartz models. This is a watch with a battery, the charge of which is enough for 2-3 years. After that, the battery should be replaced. Quartz watches do not need to be wound, they run continuously and are highly accurate. This is a really great choice, no matter what wardrobe you choose the model for.

Mechanical watches are considered more status, but at the same time they are more expensive and require careful maintenance. It is advisable to wear self-winding models regularly, otherwise they will stop within a few days of rest. Watches with manual winding need to be wound on average once a day, so many people prefer quartz in order not to waste time on monotonous actions.

Women’s watches are not just a perfect mechanism and impeccable design, they are emotions and pleasure from their own image. The charm of the first sight is what they love for a truly beautiful and fashionable watch. If you really liked a certain model, then sometimes you just need to trust your intuition.


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