The hands of a woman are important in creating an impeccable image. The watch will emphasize the beauty of your hands, because it is a stylish and functional accessory.

Briefly about the main …

What material to choose?

For the production of watches, including women’s watches, steel cases are most often used. Steel combines the main advantages of other materials at a low price, so it can be called universal. Advantages of the steel case:

Resistance to mechanical and chemical influences (alloys with other metals, for example, with chromium, are not afraid of chemistry and even weak acids);
Attractive appearance without additional coating – the steel shines beautifully, perfectly smooth to the touch.
Practicality – in the manufacture of watches, steel is used, which is the most resistant to corrosion and hypoallergenic.
Plasticity – allows you to create cases of different shapes, with additional decorative elements; when the metal is erased over time, it can be polished and the watch can be restored to its original appearance;
The material is not magnetized – an important nuance for those who work in production.

How to choose the type of mechanism?

Depending on the mechanism, there are two types of watches:

In women’s watches, quartz movements are more often installed. They are battery operated and accurately show the time up to 10-15 years without constant self-winding. Quartz watches tend to be more affordable. All quartz movements are precise and durable. The watch does not need additional care or service, which is another plus of this mechanism.

Fixation is important!

The tightness of the watch to the hand is also of particular importance. It is worth paying attention to the length of the strap when fixing the watch on your hand. They should fit snugly to the hand, but not overtighten it. You can check with your little finger. If the little finger enters between the hand and the strap, then the watch is fixed correctly.

Too tightly fixed watch strap will bring discomfort. Outwardly, it will look ugly, spoiling the whole image. It is worth making sure that the watch is worn a little higher than the bone on the wrist. So your image will be in perfect harmony with all the details.

Size matters!

Everyone has different tastes and preferences. The size of the watch case is selected for each person individually. One of the important aspects in choosing a watch is its size. It is worth remembering the “golden” mean and not choosing too large and uncomfortable watches, but too small watches on a large hand will look ridiculous.

For business meetings, the following forms of the dial are used: round or rectangular, which should not exceed 5 cm. A strict, concise style of the accessory is suitable for the office. For everyday wear, you can choose more eye-catching models with decoration elements. For business women, watches from 30-40 mm in size are best suited. The style should be simple and concise.

Match with other accessories!

The watch must be properly combined with other accessories. It all depends on the specific situation. However, all accessories must be in the same style.
If the watch has a silver dial, then other accessories must be silver. In this case, the overall image will be harmonious and holistic.

Wristwatches are an important accessory in making up a casual or business look. Therefore, the choice should be treated with special attention.


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