Modern beauty trends are changing at lightning speed. If only yesterday there were fashionably pumped up lips and false eyelashes, now the world favors naturalness. How to maintain beauty in such a way that they whisper about your attractiveness behind your back, and your girlfriends elicit the secrets of your beauty and self-confidence? Let’s take a look at what every girl should have for facial skin care. Skin of any type needs mandatory comprehensive care: cleansing, toning, hydration, food. These are the most basic mandatory procedures. Let’s look at what products we can use for each of the skin care stages.

1. Purification

Usually three bottles are enough: make-up remover, gel for evening washing and lighter foam for morning.

Make-up removers and surface dirt removers are different (Micellar water, hydrophilic oil, lotion, makeup remover wipes), how to choose the right one for you. Understanding!

Makeup removers

  • Micellar water is a skin cleanser with special particles – micelles, which dissolves makeup and removes impurities gently, while maintaining the hydrolipid balance. The formula of micellar water does not contain soap, and the peculiarity of its formulation allows you to avoid the use of parabens, silicones and fragrances. For example, the Russian company NEOMIX has Micellar water for different skin types in its line. In addition to extracts of valuable plants, the composition of the product includes: Hyaluronic acid and a complex of amino acids.

* Micellar water Lemongrass Gently cleanses oily and combination skin. Organic Lemongrass oil cleanses and tightens pores, neutralizes toxins, and restores a healthy look to the skin. Hyaluronic acid replenishes the loss of moisture, maintains the oval of the face, tone and elasticity of the skin, smoothing out irregularities.

* NEOMIX micellar water with hyaluronic acid and organic oil Iris for all skin types. Organic iris extract tones the skin, restores its firmness and elasticity.

* Micellar water with extract lavender gently cleanses dry and sensitive skin, maintaining the hydro-lipid balance. Organic lavender extract has a calming and healing effect. Manufacturers often include useful auxiliary components in its composition, such as plant oils and vitamins.

  • Hydrophilic oil – Cleansing the skin with oils is one of the beauty trends that came from Korea. Similar oils do not exist in nature, so hydrophilic oil is not a special kind, but a conventional name. The composition of such a product can be any oil (mineral or natural vegetable) or a whole complex. The main benefit of hydrophilic oils is that they do not leave a feeling of tightness and dryness, while deeply cleansing the pores (for the same reason they are especially recommended for dry skin). But there is also a minus – the comedogenicity of some types of oils.
  • Lotion – liquid caring cosmetics for the skin, in which useful substances (vitamins, plant extracts, infusions, etc.) are dissolved in a water-alcohol or aqueous medium. By the way, you can use this tool to remove makeup from eyes, lips, etc. But the lotion is too delicate, so it does not cope with the task of complete make-up removal, rather as a final cleansing.
  • Makeup Remover Wipes – A new modern make-up remover. These wipes are usually impregnated with lotion, cream or toner and are suitable for daily use. Detergents, which are impregnated with cleansing wipes, soften and dissolve impurities inside the skin pores, but only rinsing can remove them. Napkins don’t do that.
    But you should not completely ignore such a convenient tool, take it with you on a trip or visit, it will suddenly come in handy!
  • Gels for evening washing

Gels are a jelly-like product, with natural or synthetic detergent components, designed to cleanse impurities that penetrate deep into the pores. Contains antibacterial substances, vegetable oils, minerals, additives and vitamins. A prerequisite is to rinse with water afterwards. Of the minuses: not always suitable for dry and sensitive skin.

  • Foams for morning washing

Foam is a soft, airy cleanser that comes in a foaming bottle. A new generation of alkaline products. They are completely free of abrasive particles, so these products have a gentle effect on the skin. Not suitable for cleansing thick make-up and heavily soiled skin.

The NEOMIX line of care cosmetics also includes facial cleansers. You can choose the facial cleanser for your skin type.

* Gentle cleansing foam Organic Lemongrass for oily and combination skin. The composition includes Lemongrass oil and extracts of Provence herbs. The foam thoroughly cleanses the skin, helps to get rid of oily sheen, mattifies, giving the skin a fresh look.

* Weightless moisturizing foam Organic Iris for all skin types. Enriched with organic iris extract and grape seed oil, gently cleanses the skin, maintains its natural moisture level, and prevents dryness and flaking.

* Gentle soothing foam cleanser Organic Lavender for dry and sensitive skin. Lavender extract and neroli oil gently cleanses, moisturizes and soothes tired and irritated skin. The whole complex of active components included in the composition tones and regenerates your skin.

2. Toning

This procedure is carried out in order to narrow the pores, normalize the pH level of the skin and prepare for further care. After toning, the skin absorbs cosmetic care products better, which means that their effectiveness increases.

  • Tonic – Prepared with thermal or distilled water. It is an indelible product that tones, moisturizes, softens the skin, gives it radiance and freshness. The tool opens the pores better, so the caring complex will work better and penetrate deeper into its layers. The tonic has several more functions: removal of residues of impurities, cosmetics, cleansers from the surface of the skin; normalization of the acid-base balance of the skin surface; preparation of the face for applying makeup; moisturizing the skin, improving its appearance; giving youth, grooming; providing a mild anti-inflammatory effect; deep cleansing of skin pores and their further tightening; providing a basis for further care.

If you try to use NEOMIX Tonics, I am sure you will be satisfied!

* Face tonic Organic Lemongrass for oily and combination skin. The composition also includes such important and “working” components as Hyaluronic acid, organic sage extract (has an antiseptic and matting effect, dries up inflammation.) Panthenol (heals). Hamamelis extract tones and softens the skin, (evens out the complexion), improves microcirculation in the skin, has a matting, drying and antiseptic effect, (regulates the sebaceous glands, tightens pores.)

* Face tonic Organic Iris for all skin types. And also – Hyaluronic acid (moisturizes and nourishes the deepest layers of the epidermis with moisture, increases elasticity, provides a lifting effect). A complex of amino acids (activates the processes of regeneration of skin cells, has an antioxidant effect). Allantoin has an anti-inflammatory effect.

* Face tonic Organic Lavender for dry and sensitive skin. And ingredients: Hyaluronic acid (moisturizes and hydrates the deepest layers of the epidermis, improves elasticity, provides a lifting effect.) Amino acid complex (activates skin cell regeneration processes, has an antioxidant effect). Allantoin stimulates the renewal of the epidermis. Chamomile extract has an anti-inflammatory effect and additionally evens out the tone and soothes. Aloe Vera moisturizes and soothes the skin.

  • Lotion – This cosmetic product is a water-alcohol solution. As a rule, its composition is enriched with various components that are extremely beneficial for the health of the epidermis. For example, these are mineral oils, extracts of various herbs and fruits. This tool is used to clean the skin and disinfect it. Regular use of the lotion helps shrink pores, mattifies the face and makes it smoother. This product is more suitable for oily skin.

There is a difference between these two cosmetics. Tonic differs from lotion in that it is used after cleansing the skin. But the lotion is designed to cleanse the face of impurities and residues of cosmetics. Of course, before using the lotion, the skin should be freed from cosmetics. You can not remove makeup with lotion or tonic.

3. Hydration

Any moisturizing cosmetics is a mixture of lipids (fats) and water. Depending on their ratio, the funds can be divided by texture (gel-cream, emulsion, cream).

  • Gel-Cream – has a delicate texture, is instantly absorbed and deeply penetrates, saturating the tissues with moisture. At the same time, it acts selectively: it moisturizes areas with normal epidermis, delicately cares for oily areas.

The difference between a face cream-gel and a regular cream is that the first one does not contain some ingredients (animal, vegetable, mineral fats and oils, emulsifiers, etc.). If problematic skin does not accept fatty preparations, then watery light gels can be a solution to the problem.

  • An emulsion is a substance consisting of two phases, oil and water, which are uniformly mixed with the help of emulsifiers. The result is a very light substance, something between a cream, serum and lotion. The emulsion is a fairly light product – it is much lighter than a cream in consistency, but noticeably thicker and less concentrated than a serum.

Be sure to store in the refrigerator!

  • Cream – (English cream cream) is one of the most ancient and widespread varieties of cosmetics.

Moisturizing creams differ not only in the type of moisture, but also in consistency.

The Russian company NEOMIX offers a daytime moisturizer with snail mucin and vitamin E. The cream has a delicate texture, an unobtrusive pleasant smell. It absorbs very quickly and does not leave a sticky layer or oily sheen. The cream contains ingredients from France. This cream moisturizes the skin of the face, strengthens the skin barrier, smoothes fine wrinkles, nourishes, saves from dryness and dehydration.

4. Nutrition

Everyone recognizes the need for hydration in skin care, but nutrition is somehow forgotten. Meanwhile, nutritional care is indispensable. But many girls think that moisturizing and nourishing cream are one and the same. But in fact, each of these tools performs its specific function and has special characteristics. The consistency of the nutrient is very thick, similar to sour cream.

What can nourish the skin? Of the simplest is creams, oils, night masks.

  • Cream – The main difference is that a moisturizing cream contains more water, while a nourishing cream contains fats in addition to water. And for every skin type, even for oily, there is a nourishing cream. Used at night when the skin is most receptive to absorption of nutrients.

Nourishing cream behaves differently when changing climatic conditions. Its effectiveness decreases with a decrease in the humidity of the surrounding air, since the water contained in the cream evaporates quickly. It is also impractical to use a nourishing cream at high ambient temperatures.

Night cream NEOMIX with snail mucin, vitamin E and beeswax pleases its owners every night. Beeswax forms a thin protective film that protects the skin from moisture loss. Vitamin E perfectly moisturizes and nourishes the skin all night long. Snail mucin – soothes the skin, regenerates (restores) the skin, smoothes fine wrinkles.

  • Oil – Oils have long been used in the beauty industry. But they are not suitable for everyone and not always. Not all skin can be oiled. If, for example, the skin is problematic, it must first be cured. If sensitive, then remove or reduce sensitivity.

Oils work well with other skin care products such as hyaluronic acid. They can be applied instead of cream, instead of serum before cream and with it. Sometimes a few drops of oil are simply added to the cream.

Important! Before going out in the sun, the oil must be absorbed. It is better to apply it an hour or two before going outside.

  • Night masks – Beauty-trend came to us from South Korea. A night mask is a concentrated cream, more often a gel, which is applied to cleansed facial skin at night and does not require rinsing. Like a regular mask, the night mask is a targeted care. Night masks are considered an ideal product for the lazy and those who want to get everything at once.

Advice! Do not apply cream before the mask. Its protective function can prevent active ingredients from penetrating into the deeper layers of the epidermis. But the serum – on the contrary, will improve the effect.


The main enemies of any cosmetics, which reduce the shelf life at times, are heat, sunlight, and humidity. Therefore, regardless of the season, the worst choice for storing cosmetics is the bathroom. In summer, it is sometimes not easy to find the notorious cool and sheltered place. Therefore, even those products that feel comfortable in the dark drawers of the dressing table should be sent to the refrigerator in the summer, diluting the company of those who should be there all the time. Namely: Face masks, Anti-edema products, Medical cosmetics, Cosmetics with the prefix “eco”, Cosmetics with vitamin C, Sunscreens.


Of course, every girl knows the features of her skin. But you need to understand that many factors affect the condition of the skin: genetics, nutrition, environment, even seasonality, bad habits, your mood and much more. It is important to choose and build a personal care system exclusively individually. To do this, you will have to carefully select care products for your skin type, thoroughly study the components of the products, and test them for allergic reactions. But believe me, it’s worth it! Properly selected home care, coupled with your charming smile, will definitely give a wonderful result. And don’t forget to follow our advice!

The face is a mirror that reflects the movement of the inner life. Remember, regular facial skin care in the morning and evening is the main condition for maintaining health and youth.


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