COFFEE&BEAUTY brand offers cream scrubs and sugar scrubs. For delicate and sensitive skin, it is better to choose a delicate scrub cream.
The advantage of such a scrub is that it has a delicate creamy texture and a small size of scrubbing particles, which excludes the possibility of skin microdamages.

Body scrub with coffee from COFFEE & BEAUTY provides gentle, delicate cleansing due to crushed almond shells and coffee, exfoliates and removes dead cells without injuring the skin. Almond oil in the composition softens the skin and it becomes smoother, more even, elastic and silky. The natural composition gives the scrub an incredible aroma, which makes the procedure –

The novelty of modern trends is a cream-scrub with radiance. Light-reflecting particles in the composition of the scrub remain on the skin with an iridescent sheen. Such a scrub can be used, for example, before a party or on an ongoing basis to cleanse the skin. –

Sugar scrubs can safely take their place in every woman’s BODY arsenal, as it is suitable for normal, combination and oily skin. Such a scrub contains only natural ingredients, they do not injure the delicate skin of the body, actively moisturize it, filling it with nutrients.

Sugar scrub with coffee: –

– gently cleanses and tones the skin;

-coffee extract and natural ground coffee in the composition enhance collagen synthesis, restore healthy skin color, reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Sugar scrub with chocolate: –

– can effectively get rid of dead skin particles;

– cocoa butter and coconut oil in the composition soften the skin, make it smooth and tender;

– Peppermint essential oil for lifting effect tones.

Now you know how to choose the right scrub that suits your skin type, but do not forget that the actions of the scrub are primarily aimed at exfoliating dead cells from the surface of the skin, while the process of restoration and formation of new cells starts, so we recommend the frequency applications by skin type:
2-3 times a week for oily skin;
1-2 times a week for normal and combination skin;
Once a week or less for sensitive skin.


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