The most important women’s holiday of the year.

Looking at the calendar, men with a shudder understand that March 8 is right on course.

There is no gift, and the ship cannot be turned… Panic aside! We’ll try to help you.

Young woman
Before you start choosing a gift, answer a few important questions for yourself:

How much money and time are you willing to spend looking for a gift?

– How long have you known each other? (there are gifts that are simply inappropriate to give after a week of dating. For example, underwear).

What are the girl’s hobbies?

– Do you know her friends? (they are good advisers in this matter)

How well do you know the girl?

And now let’s figure it out. If your novel is half a year old – the gift should not be especially expensive. This is a sign of bad taste. Perfect: a beautiful notebook for notes, a thermal mug, a book, a can of coffee or tea, a basket of sweets, elastic bands for sports or a fitness bracelet. It would be nice to accompany the gift with a bouquet of flowers and sweets. It is important to know the girl’s hobbies, the choice of a present depends on this in the first place.

If you have been together for a year or more, it’s time to give something personal, even if the purchase is expensive. Here are a few options: a portrait, a set of cosmetics, perfume, underwear, pajamas, a set of bed linen, a set of beautiful dishes, jewelry, a certificate for a beauty salon or a clothing store, a subscriber to the hall (if the girl goes to the hall, otherwise the gift may not cause the desired reactions).

Most often, gifts are chosen for the benefit of the home, which women do not always like – they don’t want to see themselves, first of all, as a kitchen worker on a holiday. Surprise your loved one by giving a new frying pan, bed linen or vacuum cleaner on March 7 or 9, and on Women’s Day itself, give her jewelry, clothes or certificates. A good option would be cosmetics and perfume.

The woman who gave life must be taken care of. Think about what could make her life easier? Food processor, blender, electric oven, and maybe a set of pots, dishes, towels. Your mom will definitely appreciate gifts for the house, and do not forget a bouquet of flowers. If you live in another city, be sure to call and congratulate your mother, you can write a regular, not e-mail. It will be a sign of attention and the best gift.

Find out what your child collects. You can also give a doll, a toy, an educational game, a set of children’s cosmetics, a bathing set, a children’s perfume.

What not to give: Frying pan, wallet, knives, scissors, figurines, soft toys.


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