Summer, holidays, vacation, sun! We are all looking forward to a holiday. Our children are ready to live on the street! Bicycles, scooters, a beach, a cottage and many, many fun and interesting things.

But the bright hot sun gives us not only vitamin D, but also an unhealthy dose of UV rays! The use of creams is sometimes not enough, so every mother knows: you need a headdress and covered shoulders.

For these purposes, the ZEBRABIRD team has developed models of beach tunics for children made from natural 100% cotton.

Tunic shirt with a hood is suitable for both boys and girls. Comfortable, stylish style, breathable material, different colors for your taste, adjustable sleeve. The shirt can be used as a cape from the sun, as well as an everyday element of a child’s wardrobe. Tunic goes well with shorts or jeans. You can choose from size 98 to 146.

The second version of the tunic is a poncho for the most demanding fashionistas. A hood, adjustable drawstring waistband and playful pom-poms complete your youthful beauty look. The cape is also made in three colors: white, beige and lilac. Pick your favorite, maybe more than one!

ZEBRABIRD children’s beach tunics are made from premium lightweight cotton. Delicate, soft, pleasant to the touch batiste compares favorably with coarse calico and chintz. Cotton clothes do not create a “greenhouse effect” unlike synthetic fabrics, are hypoallergenic, breathable, absorb moisture and are easy to care for.

Children’s beach tunics from ZEBRABIRD are universal. Your children can swim in them both in sea and fresh water. The shirt dries quickly and protects the baby’s skin from the sun’s rays.

Comfort and convenience are the key to a good mood for mother and child! We choose premium fabrics and design comfortable and functional children’s clothing for boys and girls, because all children deserve the best!

With care and love for mothers and children ZEBRABIRD.


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