The skin around the eyes is the thinnest, most delicate and prone to damage, so the first signs of aging appear just in this area. Therefore, care for this her must begin as early as possible.

In addition, the modern rhythm of life does not at all contribute to a healthy appearance. Constant lack of sleep, stress, life in the conditions of modern megacities leave their mark on the skin around the eyes. As a result, dark circles and swelling appear, the skin becomes thinner, becomes dry, wrinkles appear, including the notorious “crow’s feet”.

How to protect the delicate skin around the eyes from early aging and maintain a fresh look? To answer these questions, we turn to the range brand of natural cosmetics SIBERINA.

The company offers a wide range of products aimed at eliminating skin problems around the eyes. The most versatile of them is eye cream with jojoba, avocado and shea oils. It is aimed at active regeneration of skin cells, which contributes to its restoration and smoothing of wrinkles. Oils nourish and soften the dermis, chamomile extract has an anti-inflammatory effect, and linden extract soothes and relieves swelling.

If your goal is to maintain youthfulness and freshness of the skin around the eyes, this cream will be the best choice.

For those whose rhythm of life leaves a noticeable imprint on their eyes, it is best suited complex care against dark circles and puffiness. The line includes three tools: cooling eye cream gel, firming eye contour serum and eye contour express mask. The latter, by the way, can be used as an eco-friendly alternative to patches, especially if you put it in the refrigerator first.

All three products are fortified with caffeine and mint extract, and this is no coincidence. Caffeine just created for toning, and this action is manifested not only when we drink coffee – it has the same effect on the skin. Mint refreshes, cools and restores a healthy look to the skin. Acting in a complex way, these components erase signs of fatigue, dark circles, relieve puffiness, restore skin firmness and elasticity. A fresh look every day, even if the day started yesterday!

Suitable for dry skin around the eyes hyaluronic acid complex. Its molecules act on both the upper and deep layers of the dermis, saturating them with moisture and eliminating signs of aging. For intense hydration and toning skin around the eyes suggest to use eye cream, eye contour serum and mask. In addition to hyaluronic acid, all products contain aloe vera gel. This plant is almost 95% water, so it is ideal for effective hydration.

Serum and mask also contains blue algae extract, which stimulates the production of collagen and elastin in cells. And in the composition of the cream there is already familiar to us caffeinewhich has a tonic effect. As a result, such care helps fight dryness, smoothes fine wrinkles, restores skin elasticity and removes signs of fatigue.

To fight the signs of aging brand try SIBERINA anti-aging products with algae complex and peptides. Effective anti-age care is aimed at restoring the tone, color and radiance of the skin around the eyes. Cream, serum and mask with complex use, they literally bring dull, flabby and dry skin of the eyelids back to life.

Funds fight wrinkles due to peptide complex Syn-Hycan, which stimulates the production of hyaluronic acid and collagen. Algae, in turn, tone, tighten and have an anti-aging effect. As a result, the skin becomes firmer, smoother, more hydrated, and the eyes look younger, clearer and more rested.

Take care of the skin around the eyes today, and tomorrow it will thank you with a fresh look, beauty and youth!


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