How to protect the delicate baby skin of hands during a pandemic?

After all, the constant exposure to alcohol in the composition of disinfectants can lead to irreversible consequences.

In shops, in shopping centers, children’s sections and circles, your children’s hands are treated without further ado. And we are glad that the rooms smell of alcohol, considering this the norm.

However, children under the age of 7 should not use ethanol-based antiseptics, since the microflora of their hands has not yet fully formed. Alcohol antiseptics affect the lipid composition of the hands of children and even the formation of their immunity in general. They also dry the skin very much and can cause irritation, allergies.

The skin under the continuous influence of alcohol loses its natural protection. And if it already has visible damage (crusts, cracks, dryness or excessive moisture with bubbles), then it becomes the main source of penetration of bacteria and viruses.

How to be?

1. Do not go anywhere, minimize contacts or even self-isolate using only soap at home.

2. Use an alcohol-free antiseptic based on Chlorhexidine, a modern remedy that copes with dangerous viruses no worse than ethanol.

Deya brand antiseptic is an alcohol-free and odorless disinfectant that protects against 99.9% of microbes and viruses.

It is safe for children’s skin because:

1. in its composition: high-purity water, glycerin, carbopol, chlorhexidini bigluconas, triethanolamine, moisturizing and softening vitamin complex

2. it belongs to the group of antiseptics with a wide spectrum of action

3.Designed for the treatment of hands and other parts of the body, as well as for the treatment of clothing and all surfaces

4. provides reliable protection against all types of bacteria and viruses for several hours ahead

5. does not dry the skin

6. odorless

7. convenient packaging, the solution is ready to use

Take care of your children’s skin, use only safe disinfectants!

Antiseptic Deya is perfect for this.


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