Genuine leather belts are among the top trending items for women’s looks in 2022. An indispensable wardrobe accessory goes well with trousers, skirts, dresses and cardigans, the main thing is to choose it correctly so that it succinctly emphasizes the dignity and hides the unwanted features of the female figure.

In this article, we will figure out how to properly combine a belt and clothes so that the overall look is complete and looks advantageous.

Belts presented as a gift are now very popular. For a gift, it is better to choose a classic black belt so that you can combine it with different clothes, regardless of the age of the woman, daughter, mother or grandmother. Gift wrapping that comes with the belt (like Keti Wood for example) is perfect for storage in the future. A natural women’s belt will become an indispensable and practical gift for a woman on any occasion on March 8, birthday, or just as a nice bonus for her beloved wife, girlfriend, mother or daughter.

How to choose the right belt for the color of clothes?

The color of clothes this season is bright, it is spring and sunny in the yard, so bright accessories in the form of belts will perfectly emphasize your image and give it a unique look.

How to choose the right one:

  • Belts of any color are suitable for clothes in light pastel colors, a combination of several colored accessories is possible to highlight individual elements in the overall picture of the image. For example, with a black belt, you can easily pick up black shoes or a handbag, emphasize a bright belt with bright earrings or a bracelet, a beautiful matching scarf, which gives the image a festive look, adds rigor when necessary.
  • For clothes of bright colors, either a belt to match the clothes, white or universal black is suitable. It is also possible to dilute the image with other accessories or muffle it a little so as not to look defiant. Bright things require intervention and sometimes restraint by other elements of the wardrobe, you should not overload the image with color, it is better to dilute it a little with a calmer one.
  • Clothing with a print or mixed colors in the wardrobe requires a balanced approach to choosing a belt. Here it is worth giving preference to the classics, it is always in fashion. A black women’s belt made of genuine leather will be the surest trend solution.

Many images with one belt.

If for some reason you didn’t have a belt in the color of your clothes, then feel free to use a black leather belt, made of genuine leather and finished edges, it will last a long time and will suit any look, even the most discreet outfit will become fashionable and emphasize the figure. A black belt is essential in the wardrobe of every fashionista and suits the image of any age and the owner of magnificent forms, as well as slender girls. What belt parameters should be taken into account when choosing, so that it lasts a long time and has the ability to wear both on the hips and emphasize the waist without weighing down the overall image?

The optimal solution in this case is a belt with double trim made of genuine leather, 100 cm long, 4 cm wide, which is a classic. The presence of durable and high-quality fittings is an important point that should not be missed. Choosing the right belt is easy, you just need to measure your hips and order it in accordance with the size grid. It is necessary to take into account the size of the hips in order to be able to wear it at the waist (due to several holes, it can be worn on different parts of the body) or hips. For example, excellent value for money, in accordance with the sizes provided by the Keti Wood brand, their belts are versatile and will be the perfect addition to any look of mom, daughter, women and girls of all ages.


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