During pregnancy, the breast begins to actively prepare for the lactation period – it swells, it becomes larger every month. As a result, the ligaments begin to stretch, and at this moment it is important to provide high-quality and effective breast support:

· A good bra that relieves additional stress from the muscles and skin, maintains their tone. Choose from breathable fabrics, wide shoulder straps and tiered closures.

Quality skin care. From the first days of pregnancy, strengthen and moisturize the breast skin. Choose cosmetics with vitamins A and E. It is better to use hypoallergenic products based on seaweed, vegetable oils.

· Water massage. When taking a shower, rinse the skin of the chest with warm water in a circular motion, without a strong pressure of water.

Breast care tips while breastfeeding:

Try to properly attach the baby to the chest.

· When massaging, do not stretch the skin – the movements should be light, smooth and careful.

· Even after the birth of the baby, daily moisturize the skin of the chest with special cosmetics. Remember to remove their leftovers before each feeding.

Introducing a review of effective natural products from SIBERINA that will help the expectant mother to be in shape.

Complex of oils for massage “For the elasticity of the breast” allows you to keep the most seductive part of the female body young, elastic, toned and sexy for a long time, and the skin – incredibly soft, silky, velvety and elastic.

Almond oil helps prevent stretch marks on the chest. It is quickly absorbed and does not cause discomfort during use.

Cacao butter has a beneficial effect on skin microcirculation, removes puffiness and irritation. It moisturizes the skin well, makes it soft and supple, improves elasticity and turgor. Copes with sagging and dryness, protects from sunlight, heals cracks.

Wheat germ oil not as popular as olive, but very good for breast skin. The unique components of its natural composition solve the problem of early age-related changes, improve breast turgor and tone, and help renew skin cells. After regular use of the oil, the skin will become soft and velvety.

Pregnancy is a time when the female body undergoes a complete restructuring, and this, whatever one may say, is also reflected in appearance. But if you remember and follow simple rules for skin care throughout pregnancy and after childbirth, you can maintain the shape of your breasts and reduce the risk of stretch marks. May the expectation and birth of a baby bring you only happiness!


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