Consider the simple rules for competent skin cleansing. And we will select auxiliary cleansers for each type of skin.

One of the common causes of the problem of deterioration of the skin condition is improper cleansing and washing. In about 90% of cases, this process is not performed correctly. But without adequate cleansing, all basic skin care simply comes to naught.

Washing with water is often not enough to properly cleanse the skin.

Suppose we washed ourselves before going to bed, what happens then:

– At night, sebum is produced twice as actively as during the day. The sweat glands also work more actively.

– We do not live in sterile conditions, dust is still present, especially on the pillow. And this dust is on the skin.

– A night remedy applied to the face in the morning begins to oxidize. This is especially true for natural cosmetics, because. more NOT stable ingredients (retinol, acids, etc.) are added to it.

All of the above contaminants are fat-soluble and dissolve in the sebum and sweat actively produced during the night.

And in the morning we wash ourselves with cool water to cheer up and tone up.

But the fat is not washed off with cool water. Well, no way!

It turns out that the products that we apply after such a “washing” do not work properly on the skin, but react with the skin contaminated overnight.

And then the oxidation products damage the epidermis at the cellular level.

– As a result, after regular washing with water, we get peeling.

– There may also be inflammatory elements.

– The skin becomes sensitive and reacts to any external stimuli.

– On the stratum corneum (the most superficial) “gaps” form and it can no longer perform its protective functions and retain its own moisture, the skin becomes dehydrated. As a result, turgor decreases, the complexion becomes dull.

And all this is simply due to improper washing and insufficient cleansing!

Cleansing cleanser

Wash with cleanser. Just washing with water is not enough! During cleansing, we wash off dust, products of sebaceous and sweat glands, cosmetic residues, etc. from the skin.

In order for “nothing superfluous” to remain on the skin, you need to use a cleanser, in a simple way – a wash.

Such a tool usually contains surface-active substances (surfactants), which dissolve fats.

Fans of washing with water say that after washing the skin dries. Yes, this can be, because, unfortunately, surfactants do not make out which fats are superfluous and which are part of the skin’s own lipid layer and remove some of them.

4 rules for daily competent skin cleansing

1. Use a cleanser that suits your skin type and condition.

– for oily skin, gels, foams with salicylic, mandelic, lactic acids are suitable. For example, sage and rosemary foam for cleansing oily and combination skin.

– for skin with rosacea and for skin with a large number of inflammatory elements, products for sensitive skin are suitable. The composition may contain cypress, chamomile, cornflower, etc. For example, a gentle facial wash “Lavender and lemongrass”.

– Dry skin needs gentle cleansing. This is where the consistency of milk comes in handy. The composition may contain oils, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid.

– hyperpigmentation. The cleanser may contain lactic, citric and/or glycolic acids.

– Aging skin needs updating. Acids may be present.

2. You need to wash your face with a little cool water.

Not icy, not hot, just a little cool. Hot water irritates the sebaceous glands and aggravates acne. Cold water provokes fragility of blood vessels, which, later, can lead to the appearance of rosacea.

3. Use a clean face towel.

And of course, I think it’s not worth saying that you need to wipe your face with a separate soft face towel with light movements, trying not to move the skin.

4. Do not abuse scrubs.

Scrubs are not suitable for daily facial cleansing, and in general they are not suitable for everyone.

What to do when the skin starts to bother with insufficient cleansing?

And finally. It happens that the skin suddenly becomes super sensitive, reacts to any applied product and it seems to you that this is an allergic reaction, although this has never happened before. In this case, do not rush to sweep the shelves in the store, looking for the very tool that will fit. Spare your face, stop!

Perhaps this is just a glut of the skin with active ingredients with insufficient cleansing and the skin signals this.

Try to leave only cleansing, and the softest and most delicate. Watch for yourself, in most cases the situation improves. Leave this care for about a month, and only then begin to gradually introduce the subsequent stages of care.

Cosmetics work correctly only on clean skin.

And most importantly: without competent daily cleansing, further care will be useless at best, and harmful at worst. Even if it is the most expensive and magical cosmetics.

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